Are you really one of a kind? Let's discuss Improving website brand identity

Nov 20, 2012

As we welcome the new year, we are learning quickly that “brand identification” is on everyone’s mind.  Those clients considering new design, or a first website will be concentrating on putting their best image forward.  Brand identity, like your personality,  is unique.  Are you really one of a kind?  The answer depends upon your effort in developing your brand identity.  Others, like you, offer many of the same services and/or products.  Your quest should be to stand out as a top choice in your field.
From the moment you developed a unique logo, your brand was born. You then went further and created an equally unique business card, brochure, and other print material to compliment your new brand identity.  If you have been in business for a while, many customers may have come to know you based upon your current print material. We are careful to  honor this as we develop your new look. Instead of totally changing your brand appearance, we work to improve your brand as we stay true to the integrity of your unique offering.
Improving the uniqueness of your brand is the top priority for any business looking to succeed in this competitive economy.  Your identity material provided to clients, including your website, should be full of visual surprises. Our goal is to add that something unexpected, that something special that helps you to stand out in the crowd.
Color, Graphics & Animation:
For the new design, we might consider a splash of new color, new graphics, or a touch of animation which will bring more visual appeal to the viewer. If the logo needs an update, we might also suggest a logo re-design. If this is not possible, we will work with the materials given to us.
Full Page Backgrounds
One of the site elements which has been overlooked, is the custom background. In the past, custom backgrounds were not considered so much as a focal point unless the client had very little content. If this were the case, the visual appeal of a custom background was required to compensate. We are noticing more and more customers asking for custom backgrounds using graphic design expertise.
Responsive Design Strategy
If you are not familiar with “responsive” design, it is time to learn all about the new kid on the block. We are now developing responsive websites to fit all screen resolutions. Responsive design adapts to mobile devices such as the I-Pad, I-Phone, Droid Phone, etc. The responsive design looks great on all monitors since the website pages have been designed using different layout parameters to adapt to the individual screen size. This offers your brand greater functionality and new medium to promote the company.
Brand Identity Workshop
We are scheduling a two hour“brand identity” workshop in late January of 2013 for our clients. Our Brand Manager, Dawn Borglund will be here to work with you as you are introduced to brand identify methods available for your future projects. We’ll be posting the workshop date, time and workshop location right after the holidays. The workshop is free for any client interested in taking part. Simply RSVP for the event when it is posted on line.
Happy Thanksgiving and please hurry back for more news from the Design Wizards.
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose (Inside Design Orlando).


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