Orlando Website Design Celebrates 11 Year Anniversary!

Nov 26, 2012

Inside Design Orlando (an Orlando Website Design Company) and Design Partners are celebrating our eleven (11) year anniversary in December!  Many things have changed since we created our first website over eleven years ago. We can boast many award winning sites over the years. Our many websites include both large and small business. Award winning real estate sites, banking, government, healthcare and more. We are reaching all areas of the U.S. and Canada. Our designers are also accepting website projects in Asia as well. The team is hard at work, developing ad campaigns for SEO and campaigns for social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
As design technology and programming methods have evolved, so have we, as a company of design partners. In 2013, customers will be asking for responsive design, which adapts easily to mobile users. They will also be looking to develop and/or improve their brand identity. Our design methods focus on current design standards including HTML5 and CSS3 using responsive programming where required. We implement content management design using well established and highly supported Drupal and WordPress software. Our E-Commerce solutions use top performing and search engine friendly software.
Since the top search engines have now re-configured their algorithims, and are requiring more great content, clients are realizing that more of their marketing budget must be devoted to SEO for their websites. Discerning clients and those in the “know” are hiring professionals to keep their content competitive. Free lance copywriters and bloggers are in high demand.
Connecting people with people:
I-Pads, I-Phones, (Apple and Microsoft Products) are everywhere. Connecting people with people is the goal this Christmas, as shoppers are purchasing all types of electronic devices that allow for internet browsing. Because our form of communication centers around this medium, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is front and center. New website clients look for this compatibility on a higher plane, linking product, company and target audience. New and compelling content is driving web traffic. Those web clients who have not taken the time to understand the changes and adapt to these changes, have fallen far below the competition.
We are including a special anniversary coupon in our Christmas Newsletter.  This coupon will offer a $250 savings on your next design project.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive this special savings. Have a safe and happy holiday season….
Article: Jean Holland-Rose, Inside Design Orlando


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