Are we losing our internet rights and freedoms behind closed doors?

Dec 1, 2012

Unfortunately, the answer to this may be a resounding “yes.”
The International Telecommuncations Regulations Treaty hasn’t been updated since 1988. However, it is about to be updated by countries all over the world who do not have your best interest in mind. Power hungry governments around the world are waiting to cash in on your internet freedoms and rights to earn a living without interference from other nations.
As a business owner we should all become aware of the ramifications of the ITU (a United Nations Organization) who oversees international communication policy. They are due to meet in Dubai on December 3, 2012 to discuss how best to control the flow of information over the internet. Your businesses, your websites, your E-Commerce companies and all entities now enjoying internet freedom will be brought into their web of corruption and control.
Google is launching a campaign to support a free and open internet. We believe the world depends upon this, not just our little corner of business. Every internet user, whether you own a business or not is affected by this power grab. Make no mistake about this. It will be a fight since these folks are set on getting what they refer to as “a piece of the pie.” All countries would benefit from your labor and be able to tax your efforts to survive. Our rights and freedoms as we know them will be infringed upon.
This does not only include companies advertising and selling on the web, but also includes private information on Facebook, Twitter and all social media accounts. In other words, this affects most of us in some way negatively. This organization would be able to censor our speech and control the flow of all information on the internet. The millions of us around the globe who depend upon the internet for our livelihood should have a say here, but we don’t. All proposals they determine to be a way forward are not open to the public and are confidential. This is an outrage and we should all speak up and do our best to save what freedoms still exist.
Unfortunately, our government and the bureaucrats that run our liberal government at this time are in favor of this crazy attempt to rob us of our freedoms. This is a progressive method (as our current government puts it) to balance the playing field and to spread the wealth around. It is so hard to believe that many of us in this country voted for this new way of thinking. Sharing and caring should not have included giving up our freedoms but unfortunately, progressive cultures follow this pattern of behavior.
Join us and join Google in this fight to hang onto our internet freedom.  Click here to read more about this unwarranted power grab, and to sign a petition from Site Pro News, to oppose this terrible power grab by the ITU.
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Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose


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