Google Search and SEO … Identifying Pathways to Success In 2013

Dec 22, 2012

iStock_000020603126XSmallWe’ve all seen many changes this year as it relates to Google Search methods and Search Engine Optimization. Below we have identified a few tips to follow as we look for ways to improve our websites and follow new paths to success in 2013!
1) Much more importance is being placed on the age of a website.
2) The age of a domain name matters …the older the domain, the higher the placement value.
3) Authority websites (those which feature valuable content and quality links) carry more weight than social media such as Linked In, Facebook & Twitter content.
4) Up to the minute original news articles written in a friendly way using cleaver writing skills is more important now. New flashes that offer news and views are getting more notice.
5) Single keywords do not determine rank any longer.The new method is to use phrasing and semantics (word strings) to tell the tale. Longtail keywords are becoming the shortest method to the top. Learn about this new method.
6) Don’t rely upon video messaging. This is no longer considered the method that will push you to top placement in a hurry as you were once told.
7) Site owners that were selling links to their sites are now finding out this is viewed to be unfavorable with search engines.  It can even get you banned from search engine data bases.
8) Outdated content on web pages is a clear message to search engines that you are not staying current with your specific industry’s technology.  This will not be favorable to your search engine ranking.
Thanks for stopping by and we wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  Contact us to discuss a new design or re-design.
Article:  by Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer,  Inside Design Orlando


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