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Dec 26, 2012

Re-Design is a top request for those clients having old websites.  Follow us now as we develop a new site re-design, add responsive design programming and all of the great new bells and whistles available. As the target for our new year makeover, we have chosen  Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC. Our Design Wizards are on the job and looking forward to developing a new look for our client!  See the “before” photo of the old website below.
Before the Re-Design

This is part one of our website “Project Makeover”

  • The choice to move forward with a new re-design this year for Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC was based upon the fact that their site was almost four years old, and they have requested a more updated first impression for visitors.  They will be choosing a new color palatte, new programming and more functionality.
  • More mobile functionality was the first request and to accomplish this, Dr. Cicilioni and his staff have chosen to have the new site built using Responsive Design strategy which will allow the new site to adapt to all mobile devices.
  • Their current site was using Adobe Flash for changing images.  Unfortunately, Adobe and Apple are having a licensing issue.  Due to this, those clients having “Flash Animation” on their current sites notice that the animation cannot be seen by those viewers using Apple products such as I-Pad, I-Phone, etc.  The Flash programming will be replaced by jQuery programming which is now able to be viewed by all platforms (including Apple).
  • The first thing to do was to meet with the client and discuss a new color palette and layout for the project.  The client has chosen three different shades of blue, for accent colors, black and white to be used on all page layouts for a clean appearance and to enhance the new responsive design strategy for the entire site.  See the wireframe in progress featuring the new color palette chosen by the client below.  The new layout features a wider view for laptop and desktop computer viewing.

Wireframe with Color Palatte

  • The content areas will be re-written to include updated information relating to services available.  The layout will be cleaner and showoff a more minimalistic and pulled together look for the new year.  Keywords will be carefully worked into the content areas to attract search engine traffic.  SEO is always a top player as we design page layout,  look and feel.  Adding images which correspond to the SEO, branding already developed is important and must be considered as we design the home page layout.  This will follow through on all pages.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the first part of our re-design method.  Follow us as the site develops into the beautiful new design.  We’ll be discussing further development for the home page and talk about the menu functionality in our next post.
Have a happy and safe New Years Eve…..
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer, Inside Design Orlando


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