Choosing A Menu: Navigation for Website Re-Design, Part Two

Jan 1, 2013

Choosing Appropriate Site Navigation:

Creating a menu for an effective website should take into account how easily the viewer can move from page to page.  The menu is also referred to as the “site navigation.” Some designers prefer to create unique one of a kind menus using a clever graphic design. Although many options are available, each client’s needs should be considered before deciding on the perfect option. Because the menu will affect all visitors to the site, this is by far the most important choice we make as designers. We must come up with a way to guide users through the site sections quickly and efficiently.  A site map which consists of an individual page listing all links in the site is sometimes called for (especially for those sites with multiple pages).

Menu Choice: “Speaking Navigation”

Since we are choosing to use a horizontal menu, and it is difficult to communicate all pages available using only a couple of key words, we have seleted a menu option referred to as “speaking navigation.” The menu features a dropdown menu that combines CSS Design with jQuery programming. As the viewer hovers over a particular word on the horizontal menu, a dropdown block appears which allows the viewer to see clearly additional pages available by clicking on the link.
This achieves a pleasing animation effect that does not interfere with the overall look and feel of the site concept. The menu is visible only as the user hovers over the menu. The choice for this navigational scheme is trending highly among top designers. We felt it fit perfectly with our new re-design for Dr. Cicilioni and staff, offering them a user friendly system for their visitors and patients. See sample below.

Developing the menu to add new pages:

iStock_000008441117XSmallThe menu choice here is very user friendly and allows other pages to be added tot he site down the road if needed.   Dr. Cicilioni and staff have changing needs and may increase the amount of pages and services as new techniques are developed and new products are introduced.  This is the perfect menu choice for this client.
Stay tuned for part three (3) of our re-design journey.  We’ll discuss the home page content areas and overall look fo the site adding graphics, etc.
Happy New Year to all of our followers and friends out there.  We have enjoyed sharing our thoughts and tips with you this past year and hope that your New Year will be all you have imagined.
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Article:  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer
Inside Design Orlando


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