Layout and Content Areas for Re-Design: Part Three

Jan 5, 2013

The Re-Design for Orlando Cosmetic Surgery will be responsive:

The new website will adapt and respond properly to mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. With the new version of Windows 8, and mobile devices for viewing, responsive design strategy is the future.  It will be an important part of  website re-design trends   for 2013.  CSS3 and HTML5  are being used for the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery re-design  His layout will be more content driven, simplistic in design, and graphics will be kept to a minimum.

Developing the home page layout:

Now that the concept is chosen and menu placement is decided upon it is time to add the important elements and content. On the home page header area you will notice we have strategically placed the company name, logo and contact info in the top of the header.  He has requested a Google Translator element for Spanish speaking visitors which has been added to the header. The menu is just beneath this area (black lettering on a white background).  The font chosen for this project is called “Michroma.”  The dropdown menu can be accessed to view other pages in the site. The Patient Portal menu option will be linked to the patient portal software which allows the viewer to set appointments and receive valuable physician information pertaining to their own patient account.  See layout progress below.
The left side will reveal 5 jQuery changing images with messaging (to be added).  The Introductory text to the right of the images will introduce the visitor to the most important information relating to the client services, membership logos, physicians credentials and expertise.
The blue social bar underneath the images is added to place the Social Icons to include Facebook, Pintrest, Linked In and RSS Feed. The Campaign Monitor software encourages the viewer to Join The Mailing List to receive periodical newsletters and specials.
The blocks below the blue bar represent the following: The first block will contain four bullets regarding the mission statement. The second block will feature two streaming videos by Dr. Cicilioni and a blog area below (a small amount of text pulled from the most recent blog post) and a link to the entire blog area.
The footer area will feature a “to top” button, the sitemap links, vendor logos, payment info, and social media to include a map to the office location. Also featured in the sitemap will be a direct link to the Privacy and Terms of Use page and copyright information.
This will complete the home page. All will be approved by the client to make sure we are including the most relevant information which is normally used by his patients and visitors to the site.  The next step is to program the dropdown menu and to add the jQuery changing images with messaging.  We’ll discuss that in part four of our website re-design so please stay tuned for more.
Article:  by Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer
Inside Design Orlando


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