jQuery Animation for Website ReDesign: Part Four

Jan 11, 2013

The eye is immediately drawn to colorful changing effects on any website, and clients often ask for motion to be added to the site.  To satisfy this request, we are using  jQuery animation  which fits the bill, and adds drama.  Unlike “Adobe Flash” used in the past, jQuery can be viewed by all mobile devices and is the choice for user friendliness.
Going one step further and adding a few informative messages is another great way to communicate your ideas. Cleverly chosen phrases will define your expertise, your product advantages or your available services. For the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery re-design, we have chosen five (5) changing images with messaging.
A professional may be hired to create and provide this messaging. In the case of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we were able to re-use the marketing language from the current site. Because the messages will appear inside the jQuery program as images themselves, this will not affect the search engines in any negative manner. Search engine spiders do not recognize changing content and imagery. Visitors to the site however will enjoy this dramatic presentation.
Layout in progress
Use the images in a responsible and informative way to connect with your audience. Choose them with an idea in mind and not just as a filler to complete the page. The image choice should create for the viewer, a sensory experience.  If you add messaging to the image be sure to optimize each image and add keywords to the messaging (if this is included).
Images communicate your message visually. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” definitely has a place in web design. We tell a story and continue the conversation with our image choices. Adding imagery and keywords will also improve the visual interest in the site composition.
Thank you for visiting and following our site re-design for Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC. We will be developing the other pages of the site soon and the client can look forward to a launch date in February. Check back to see the finished re-design. Contact us to discuss your own re-design project for 2013.
Article by: Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer / Inside Design Orlando


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