How generating fresh page content helps website rankings

Jan 13, 2013

When your website project was new, you were excited about adding relevant content and cleverly writing each bullet and message. Unfortunately, some of you quickly forgot about the website after it was launched. Experience teaches us that SEO is all about keeping the content fresh and new.  If you’re not updating the site, you’re missing out.
My clients tell me that they spend countless hours contemplating new SEO methods.  However, we have noticed that adding fresh content is seldom mentioned.  Adding new content to the blog area of the site is of course very important and necessary to gain rank.  However, the other pages of the site, the static pages, should not be overlooked.  Adding fresh new content to the static pages about once a year, will not only attract new clients, it will entice search engines to consider your site as one of distinction.

Outdated Content & The Consequences:

There is no value in “old content.” Why would a viewer return only to read the same information over and over again? The internet was created as a tool to pass on new information to viewers. By not updating content you are letting the search engines know that you are not bothering to stay current. You will be penalized for this. The frequency of site updates offers the search engines a look into the value of the site. Those sites that are current with new blog posts and updated content are the ones that are considered highest in value.
Website structureAs we look around the web we see older websites that suffer from outdated content. These sites stay on the web and gather dust at least in the eyes of search engine software. With no updates, they have no value except to have a vacant URL.
Search engines will reward you for updating the content. Points are given for any and all SEO techniques to include updating the site content. Your ranking will improve and you’ll give viewers a reason to come back to your site to read the new information. As business owners, we work hard building our businesses, and coming up with new and exciting ideas to enhance productivity. Your website deserves the same attention. Here is the chance to update and refresh the site, offer new information which just might attract a whole new audience for the new year.

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The home page is the first page viewed and above all others needs a new update at least once a year. Contact us and clip the coupon here to start the journey.
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Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose


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