The Harmony of Color in Web Design

Jan 22, 2013

Dreaming In ColorIn 2013, as in other years, color trends are linked to the state of the economy and the ups and downs of daily life. Sleep research has revealed that we may even “dream” in color.  In general, our overall well being, financial success and many other life events are driven by color.  It touches ever aspect of our lives.
In web design we develop concepts filled with color to introduce our client’s unique brand. The harmony of color in web design is very important and as we re-design sites of yesterday.  Using the new color trends popular today, we are able to provide an updated appeal.  As time moves on, so does the color combination choices we see in our industry.
As color gurus, we are always looking for different color combinations to stimulate emotions as it relates to the purchase of products and services.  Each age creates it’s own color palette (so to speak).  The colors of decades ago (soft and medium tints)  have given way to the more vibrant colors we are drawn to today.
Color combinations that work for one industry such as the color “red” for restaurant design, which brings out the emotion of hunger and the need to enjoy a great meal may be too overpowering for a site representing small business. Different color schemes are chosen for the world of fashion, industry, environmental, small business and more. As trends change, so do color choices.
As we talk about color with our client at the design meeting we go over choices which speak to their specific market need. Marketing strategies are affected when new color combinations are introduced onto the market. In our everyday lives, we notice these changes quickly and learn what combinations are new and those that are outdated. We refer to this realization as “what is in style.”
Today’s designers are using more vibrant tones in their graphic work. They are used in manufacturing goods, fashion and interiors. Clients representing home interior design and those representing home construction are using vibrant colors to draw attention to today’s style and preference.  To assist the client in choosing color palettes we recommend a site called  Color lovers .
Conservative colors are changing to include more active color choices in web design. Since women are the largest group of purchasers in our country, it is important that we appeal to their senses and provide more elegant and vibrant color combinations. They also appreciate pastel colors with warm undertones. Rather than using one color throughout the design, we add splashed here and there of other colors for contrast. A touch of a new color, unexpected adds to the value and overall site experience.
In conclusion, choosing colors that are harmonious and blend well together should be considered this year as you consider a website re-design. Using the latest color combinations and new trends, will bring about that special uniqueness and updated appearance to any website.
Contact us to discuss your next re-design.  Our graphic artists and content writers are available to assist you.  Thanks for stopping by.
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer


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