Great Expectations for Website Design…Who Is to Blame?

Feb 4, 2013

When we are first hired to provide a beautiful new website for clients, they have great expectations and sit by just waiting for the success to roll in.  But developing the website, providing a product and launching the site does little for the future needs which are changing and are always fluid as technology changes. SEO must be considered after the site is completed if the website owner is to realize success.  As an example, when a car is first purchased, as you drive it off the lot, the depreciation starts.
Hoping for website successIn web design, as time moves on, new SEO methods are being developed and clients must take an active roll in keeping sites current to enjoy the great rewards they envisioned. When the website is delivered to the client, the design company considers the site done. To a business client however, the site is never done. Within a short period of time, the client will begin to request other changes and discover that new SEO methods may be necessary to keep the site current.
Beyond the look and feel of the website which is the visual first impression, clients and website developer relationships quickly grow cold after the site is launched. Since the client has no idea about the day to day changes and new technology requirements, they feel they have done their part, paid for the site and all should go smoothly.  Change is never embraced easily and sitting by and doing nothing is always the easy path.
Using Google Analytics is a great way for business clients to further develop their site and to keep on top of marketing changes. We can easily add Google Analytics to the site, but the client must monitor the Google Analytics findings and act upon those. Search engine optimization decisions can be made about advertising programs, social media, pay-per-click advertising, hiring a professional blogger, etc. Any of these marketing options will increase the number of site visitors.
If the client is unwilling to monitor this, and they want no part of the marketing of their site, they might consider an outside SEO source hired for this specific purpose. This is outside the scope of the development company.
In conclusion, it takes a team of professionals and the client willing to assist as well to provide a site which is a top income earner. The blame game is great for the U.S Government but does not work in web design. We have seen the client blame the web developer, the developer blame the IT individual and all of them blaming the SEO firm. All must work together for the website to perform at top level. Learning new techniques and staying current with SEO requirements is the best advice anyone could offer. Stay involved….Stay engaged and you’ll begin to enjoy our website rewards.  Contact us to discuss SEO criteria, re-design, or content re-write.  All can benefit your future web presence and continued web success.
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