A special Valentine miracle: His name is Gizmo

Feb 15, 2013

It is not everyday that one of our strategic partners experiences a life and death situation.  However, on Valentine’s Eve, that is exactly what happened to our blogger and SEO professional Charmaine Beleele.  She was doing what any great blogger would be doing at 1:30 AM …. blogging for one of her clients in her office when she was overcome by smoke.  Her home was engulfed in flames and she had (without realizing it) been overcome by the chemicals produced by the fire.
Gizmo The CatAlone in her home with only her pet cat “Gizmo” a miracle occurred.  Gizmo jumped on Charmaine and licked her in the face until she regained consciousness enough to see what was going on.  The two of them crawled to the door and got outside just in time to save their lives.  She saw the flames leaping behind her as she reached the door.
Several rooms of her home were destroyed and if Charmaine had been sleeping, the outcome could have been much different.  Although she lost many of her belonging, all of her clothing and jewelry, the most important things were saved.  That of course is her life and the life of a loyal and wonderful pet cat.
Gizmo has been with Charmaine for about 10 years and has been a great pet and a loyal companion.  As a photographer, as well as an SEO Tech, Charmaine has featured Gizmo in many of her news and magazine articles over the years and he has always been a star in her eyes.  But on the eve of Valentine’s Day this year, he was more than that.  He was a special Valentine’s Day companion and friend who came to her aid and saved her life.
Charmaine is staying at the Marriott in Ft Smith, Arkansas, until their new apartment gets ready. The staff at the Marriott in Fort Smith have welcomed “Gizmo” to the hotel and given Charmaine a two bedroom suite (one room just for Gizmo). We all wish her the best as she and Gizmo recover. Charmaine cannot speak right now, and Gizmo cannot meow any longer as his lungs were filled with smoke. He lets out little peeps here and there and the vet says he may need a steroid shot to help with some of the issues caused by the smoke he inhaled.
See our hero cat “Gizmo” photo attached.
Please keep Charmaine, Gizmo and her family in your prayers and remember how special our pets are.  They ask for little and bring so much to our lives.
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Article by: Jean Holland-Rose


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