Connecting with potential buyers through brand development!

Mar 5, 2013

As we go about our business, day to day, many of us don’t pay much attention to developing our brand.  We know we have a logo and a business name, a website, and a few business cards.  What more is needed?
Brand IdentityWhen we discuss developing a brand, we are talking about much more than just having someone find the product and/or service and make a purchase.  To make sure that same client returns for more or comes back to see what other goodies we promote, he or she must be connected to a brand, not just an ad for product savings.
If no brand is developed and the customer sees no more there than a savings for a product or service they purchase once.  They will not remember the name of the company and have purchased the item only based upon the savings alone.  With brand development, they are buying more than just the product….they are buying the reputation built by the brand itself.
Why should a customer purchase a brand rather than just a product?
Consider as an example the company called “Apple.” Most folks know that when you buy an “Apple” product, no matter what the product does, the brand as been developed to encompass all products associated with the “Apple” name.  The inference then is that all products purchased from “Apple’ will follow the same good reputation regarding the product itself and all benefits associated with the product.
Above and beyond the physical design of a product or how the product functions is the need to go further and define what benefits are available when it is purchased by the client and how the brand is identified by past product function awareness.  This is based upon the opinion of others that have ordered the product in the past.  This is where client product testimonials become an important element for success.  No matter how old the brand is or how many people have bought before, client satisfaction speaks volumns. As the brand becomes more popular, a brand-prospect connection will begin to grow.
The strength of the brand depends upon how hard you work on developing the brand image.  There are many levels of brand development which might include:

  • Customer Sales (satisfied customers)
  • Research and product development
  • Purchasing TV & Radio promotion spots
  • Streaming Video and Audio promoting the brand
  • Magazine and news articles promoting the product or service
  • Promotion by internet and website development
  • Blogging, forum and/or chat room added to the website
  • Brochures, business cards and all printed material
  • Billboard promotion and Flier Ads.
  • Marketing to community organizations
  • Social Media and Newsletter Promotion

A brand’s primary goal is to develop a strong connection with future prospects.  With hard work and many satisfactory sales under your belt, your brand over time can develop a bond that is not able to be penetrated by competitors.  If your brand develops to the point that buyers are asking, “excuse me is that a “your brand name” shoe, tie, wallet? …you have arrived.  Your brand is known among all others as standing alone and having value just in the “name.”
Thanks for stopping by and joining our discussion on branding.  Stay tuned for more next month. Call us to refer a great logo designer, your first step in developing a brand.
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Inside Design Orlando


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