Search Engine Wisdom Is Not Inherited … It is a Learned Skill (Part One)

Mar 9, 2013

Search Engine WisdomSearch engine wisdom is not inherited, it is a learned skill.  Follow our conversation and develop your skill.  Stay tuned each week for more search engine optimization secrets!  This is part one of a series.
To make progress and to save time, you could hire a professional SEO Consultant. Many of you however, have no budget for this. My job is to educate you to make a difference on your own. Our Search Engine Wisdom posts will be numbered for those who may miss one. Stay tuned as we add a new post every 7 to 10 days to keep you in the know. Let’s get started!

Is your website traffic where it should be?

This is the first question we ask, when we are tasked with improving the search engine optimization.  The amount of traffic your site is experiencing now can tell us if there is room for improvment. Are you seeing a lot of traffic, a little, or none at all? If the answer is none at all or just a little, you could use Search Engine Optimization training. First and foremost you want to attract the individual or entity searching for your specific product or service. These folks are called the “target audience.”

Site Traffic Conversion Rate

As the target audience visits your site, your goal is to convert each site visitor into an actual paying customer. This is referred to as “conversion rate.”  This action occurs when a visitor to your site takes an action beyond just browsing the site.  The more traffic you attract to the site, the more chances you have to convert them to paying customers. To increase the amount of traffic, you must first be listed on search engine data bases. Your site must have certain elements. Search engines are not people but software. Search engine software is dispatched to your site through search engine submission techniques and they are there are looking for specific site elements.

Website Elements that are a must!

Meta Tags (located in your html source code) check for a title, keywords and a description.
Add Valuable Links To Your Site (reciprocal Links are the most valuable).  They will never go out of style.
Learn about “Social Media: and how it plays a part in your success on the web.
Update the site page content each year (fresh content receives a higher ranking).
Make Sure you have blog page (archived blog posts will elevate your rank quickly).
Learn to blog regularly (take the time to learn the correct techniques).
Please visit next time for more SEO gems to make a difference on your own.
End of part one!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Here’s to a favorite holiday for all of you green beer lovers, Irish folk,  and those that just love a reason to party!
Article by Jean Holland-Rose
Inside Design Orlando


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