SEO Wisdom (Part Four) Demise of the Keyword Meta Tag:

Apr 2, 2013

Are we experiencing the demise of meta tag usefulness? That question is right now, being discussed and debated by many of us depending upon the web for our lifeline. What I do know is this … the top search engines such as Google and Bing, stopped using individual keyword meta tags to index sites. However, just because the “keyword” meta tag is not being considered at this time, does not mean other meta tags are not being considered.  For an example, the “description” meta tag still shows up on search results, as does the “title” meta tag. This is why we always include meta tags on all sites we develop.
Search EnginesTop search engines are not going to share their secrets (in fear of those who would game the system). The best we can do is to read what is available and try to anticipate the changes as they happen.  The search engine “Bing” is now offering “Webmaster Guidelines” webinars around the country that are useful in staying current with the latest SEO methods.

SEO Methods that can hurt your ranking:

  • Cloaking (hiding text in the background of page content).
  • Keyword Density (using the same keyword over and over again).
  • Keyword Stuffing (over using keywords by adding them in every imaginable place in the site).
  • Duplicate content (text used several times in the site …even if you wrote it … it still counts as “duplicate content.”
  • Hidden links (links buried in the site).

New Content Rules The Day!

It is high time to learn the current rules for search engine optimization.  New content is the only method which really works.  Developing and uploading fresh content regularly is the only way that we know of that you can actually increase rank.  As you develop a pattern of blogging and developing categories of useful content, you will soon be known as an authority website.  Each post will become a new page for the site and soon you will notice an increase in traffic.

How important is the domain name in ranking?

It is not as important as it used to be. The age of the domain name is more important.  Site owners in the old days purchased many domain names with keywords in them hoping this would bring higher rank. However, today, the spiders are looking at actual content on your pages and not the domain name as before. It is still important to choose a great domain name which can be easily remembered and found by clients. However, more importance now is placed on content.

Should we still submit our sites to search engine submission companies?

No, this is no longer necessary. The spiders (crawlers) are smart enough to see new sites being published without any submission. Submitting it once is usually enough and this is only if you will feel better doing it.

New Content Rules The Day:

Online marketing today, depends upon how well your articles and blogs are received by search engines checking for new content.  Only the highest quality content will be scanned.  Learning good SEO techniques is necessary to achieve any success at all.  Hiring a professional copywriter or free-lance writer is the best bang for your buck these days….The quickest method to get noticed is to stay current with SEO technology.  There are no shortcuts …they are in the past where they belong.
Thanks for stopping by to visit.  Hurry back for part five (Search Engine Wisdom) and our last post in this series called SEO Wisdom.
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & Marketing Strategist


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