SEO Wisdom (part 5): Our challenging design environment

Apr 8, 2013

Building websites in this challenging technological environment is no child’s play.  It requires planning and project management skills.  Our design wizards must learn new methods constantly which will offer our clients the bells and whistles requested.  Responsive Design Strategy is cutting edge technology and the element most requested by new clients.  Older clients too, are getting in line to have their sites updated to the more mobile friendly programming. A recent re-design request such as this came from Curtis Protective Security.

Client requested “Responsive Design Strategy.”

Curtis Protective ServicesA client for many years, Curtis Protective Services needed not only a new look but greater functionality. Chief John Campbell, the company CEO stated that his website was the doorway to his business, and the top method for gaining new clients.
Because today’s technology demands that users have a mobile friendly experience when browsing website, their top request for the new re-design was for ” responsive programming.”  This would allow the site to be mobile friendly and attract more visitors and thus, drive more business their way.

A Change from Drupal to Word Press:

The old site was created using a Drupal platform.  This allowed him to edit the site but proved too difficult for his staff to accomplish.  Since the top CEO was always busy, the editing was shifted to an employee having some free time. The staff were struggling with the Drupal platform and were wanting a more user friendly platform to use.  Therefore, John asked us to design his custom blog area using Word Press rather than Drupal. The website re-design project is complete and Curtis Security is very happy with the improvement both in look and the easier operating system. To move up the ladder even further, the Curtis staff hired one of our SEO Professionals, Claire Balgemann.  Partnering with Claire for his monthly posting will guarantee more success with his new site.  Creative writing and a new user friendly mobile site will get the job done.  Take a look at the finished project, the new “Curtis Security.”

How To Stop Website Problems Before They Start:

As we work with clients to collaborate on ideas for new work, there is always the chance for misunderstanding. At times we can both feel we are speaking two languages. To keep everything simple we try hard to offer complete explanations for each stage of the project.  Offering a link to watch the progress as the site is being developed (we find) stops many questions.  In this way, the client can feel they are a part of the process and that their ideas are both listened to and taken seriously.
A small issue such as what “font” is best used can cause trouble if both the client and the developer are not on the same page. If a professional logo and branding material is available this is our first choice for font style and look.  If none are available, we encourage our client to hire one of our professional graphic artists to create and provide to us a custom logo.  This will give us the site colors, font choice and graphics that work best.  This is what we refer to as the DNA for the project.  A strategic graphic partner, 5 Star Logo is offering any client who books our web design services, a discount for first time logos.  Contact our office form more details.

Final post for the topic “SEO Wisdom …. Not an Inherited Skill

This is the last in a series of five (5) posts related to this topic.  Please go back and read all five posts to understand more about getting your current site updated with the latest SEO methods. We wish all of you continued success and look forward to hearing from you if you need a critique of your current site.  There is never a cost for this and we would love to chat and discuss possibilities for improvement.
Our next posts (a series of five) will be all about Branding and story telling methods to elevate your individual value.  As always, stay connected for more …
Article by Jean Holland-Rose
Inside Design Orlando


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