Branding sets you aqpart: let's begin the journey (part 1)

Apr 16, 2013

As business owners, we must brand our companies to stand out in the crowd, and to enjoy the revenue which follows. Research teaches us that most consumers prefer to buy name brands. Even though we all look for a “fire sale” so to speak, we still want the luxury of buying a well known product or service.
These feelings are usually based upon feeling the quality would be better simply due to the brand reputation. We are therefore not opposed to paying a bit more since we feel we get more in the long run. Branding and PromotionBuilding a unique and recognizable brand takes time, and it doesn’t happen without hard work and commitment.

The Starting Point …A Company Logo

My suggestion to clients who ask how to begin is this, start developing your new brand by hiring a professional logo designer. The logo is the window to the business and begs visitors to read your marketing message and go further …purchase your product or service.
The logo will be used on all printed material from a business card to a huge billboard. Everything from ink pens to tee shirts can carry your brand.  Take a look at some of our websites to see how others have used branding to tell their own story.
Discuss ideas with your logo developer and research color palette choices.  If you’ve been using a logo which was not developed professionally, this expense is well worth the money.  Many company logos are not professionally designed and were chosen without much thought so this might be the year to brand yourself starting with an entire new look.

Logo Pricing and Options available:

We offer two choices for logo design.  Our design partners, Rise Creative Group have two graphic artists available to help you begin the process.  A team will be assigned to research your company strengths and meet with you regarding color and concept choices which begin at around $1,200 (taking into account, how many concepts or revisions are required).
The amount of concepts, revision opportunities and formats delivered to you will control the cost of the new logo. If there is no budget for a professional logo, the developer will use a simple “text” logo until a professional logo can be provided.

Copyright & Trademark:

The logo is referred to as your “intellectual property.”  To protect the integrity of your logo  it  is suggested that you assign a copyright or trademark. This will discourage others from using it which is known as plagiarizing.

Legality of Copyright and Trademarking:

Copyright law, no action in court is permitted for copyright infringement without a registration of the copyright. While the copyright is born when the artist creates the work, registration is required to take legal action in court for infringement.  Copywriting any intellectual property is always a safe choice to protect your own individual brand elements.
Just as the writer is inspired to write a great book … we hope to inspire you to develop the story of your brand so stay tuned for more next time.
If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it …
Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize and Pullitzer Prize-Winning American Novelist, editor and professor.

Design Wizards (Inside Design Orlando)
Jean Holland-Rose


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