Branding and storytelling: connect to succeed (part 2)

Apr 22, 2013

Branding part 2Building strong connections through branding and storytelling is important these days for all website owners.  The goal for you as you look to “brand yourself” is to create a connection between your company, product or service with the potential client which will encourage them to purchase or take advantage of your service again in the future. Over time, the brand connection will become stronger through the brand’s activities and brand relationships.  Developing your brand is a journey that starts with these four steps.

  • Product Function Awareness

The first response from the target audience comes from seeing the brand online or from another media platform and developing an interest by this “first look.” This is referred to as Product Awareness.  In the beginning, the prospect sees the item or service and doesn’t care about the brand.  He is attracted to the features, etc.  At this point the prospect is mainly interested in the function or benefit advertised and may decide to buy.   Brand connection at this point probably does not exist.

  • Product Feature Comprehension

The viewer then continues to evaluate and look to comprehend the functionality and benefits offered after he receives this new product or service.   He or she is still attracted by the product connection.  However, as he sees others purchasing the same product and using it, he may well be developing brand recognition. However, it is at this stage of branding that there may be many other products or services similar. The viewer determines at this point if he or she should purchase this product in the future based upon the features alone.

  • Brand Acceptance

To achieve brand acceptance can take years. Many other similar brands of this product or service may be available. However, as the brand develops and becomes well known, there is more chance that this brand will be chosen over all others. Improving the visibility of your brand will bring great rewards down the road.

  • Brand Affiliation

As the brand becomes better known and you begin to advertise the brand through other media outlets, TV, Radio, Magazines, online, etc. you will see an increase in profits based solely upon the brand affiliation or how well the brand is promoted to the marketplace.
Branding your WebsiteDeveloping beliefs and values that the prospect can also identify with is very important for the brand success. Beyond the product or service you represent, it is necessary to build strong relationships with all persons who have (in the past) used and enjoyed the benefits of your brand product or service.  Customer satisfaction will always keep the competition at bay and allow your brand to enjoy greater success.  Falling short of high customer satisfaction will spread like wildfire and allow your competitors to surpass you in revenue and sales.
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Article by Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer, Inside Design Orlando


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