Branding discussion: a competitive environment (part 3)

Apr 28, 2013

Is your brand extraordinary or just ordinary …Do you have business ethics?

Honesty In BusinessStanding out as extraordinary is no small feat. First start with what the brand stands for. Does it stand for reliability in some form or fashion and what type of customer feedback have you received to this point (good or bad). Are you known for your business ethics?  Are you an honest and trustworthy vendor? In other words, how do past clients view your performance.
Any bad comments from past clients can quickly cause your brand to suffer.  Work hard to alleviate any situation not favorable. Customer satisfaction is key to future business.
Don’t be afraid to survey your customers to see what they feel might improve your product or service. This outside feedback can be invaluable as you develop your branding technique. Your brand is no doubt being compared to the competition. By gaining this feedback, you will move your brand ahead of the pack.

Why strive for “authenticity” in branding?

You want to strive for authenticity as you grow your brand. There are many choices available out there. Consumers are quickly drawn to brands with original stories, and a commitment to deliver exactly what they promise.
Top companies such as Google and others have “authenticity at their core” and work hard to develop a connection between themselves and the recognition of their brand. Authenticity drives brand performance and attracts high value customers.

Should we look like a “high class company.”

When we work with website clients we are often asked how to look like a “high class company.”  The word “high class” is a word that we often discourage our clients from using. Your core values are learned from birth and you cannot develop, deceive your way to a better perception, or buy a good reputation. As we discourage our children, from pretending to be that which they are not, so should you build your brand with honesty and integrity to gain your consumer’s trust.
Clients look at your past success to determine your value.  The best way to look successful is to actually “be successful.” Strong client testimonials are the proof of this success. Be yourself and remember that all of us are unique with our own special talents. Here is our thought for the day which follows this discussion.
Be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.”
― Henry David Thoreau
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Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer


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