Today's Approach to website usability, initial concept and design

May 4, 2013

An approach to website usability

  • When we talk about usability in web design it means different things to different people.
  •  Most clients are first and foremost interested in a user friendly navigational system (easy to access and use) with dropdown topics of interest
  • Other clients may expect to have an easy to find accessible video on the home page to explain the product or services.
  • Some look at usability as a method to show off quickly, user friendly elements such as call to action (CTAs) terms such as  Free Quote, Learn More, etc.

Less content and graphics

Whatever the main approach, most new clients and those looking to re-design current sites agree that usability today, requires concise fresh content, brief and to the point. A “just the facts mam” line of attack is suggested for best results.

Displaying the most important facts first

As web designers, it is a real challenge to display important facts needed by the viewer, while at the same time keeping all to a minimum. Good visual presentation which includes a lot of thought being put into the site layout will provide a clearer picture of the client’s offerings.

Organizing the content to blend with the layout

web usabilityThe method by which the site content is organized works hand in hand with the layout scheme to provide a better web experience. Color and visual display must be used in such as way as to offer information but not overpower the viewer. A few changing images and messaging to match the imagery is the best option for quick information gathering for visitors.

Images are a part of the big picture

Each image is not an independent entity, but a part of the overall page hierarchy. Even smaller images carry a lot of visual weight and should be selected carefully. Image positioning should be considered based upon the layout area and look and feel of the site. What may work for one page may not work for another. We suggest that you avoid placing an image in the same place from page to page to avoid having a template look.
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