Credibility and a good reputation delivers a great web design!

May 12, 2013

Credibility and RespectWebsite credibility is earned by creating great content, providing a user friendly web design, and providing high quality service to all who visit your site.  When a website is launched and scanned by search engines, immediately your credibility comes into scrutiny. You should work hard to present your company, product or service in the best light possible and to provide competent and reliable user services.

Site Content and the role it plays in customer choice:

The website content should be well researched and well written.  It should be easy to scan and to digest. Archiving blog posts that offer up to date user information will give easy access to new industry developments and up to the minute news and views. Concept should include plenty of “white space” thus choosing to use less content, not more. Most viewers stay no longer than 30 seconds on the page so a rule of thumb is always “less is best.”

Website Development and its importance:

No matter how well-written the content is, unless the website itself is designed with purpose and clarity, the content will not persuade the user. The overall presentation of the website, the design and concept should be interactive, minimalistic, and user friendly. Visual cues are important throughout the site concept as well as in the actual content,  to allow the visitor to quickly identify and find links of interest. Articles offering the information the viewer is looking for must be found in a hurry if you expect to hold the viewer’s attention span.  We call these cues or  “calls to action” …. These buttons or colorful visual prompts act as a suggestion to the viewer to perform an action such as clicking on the prompt to receive more information such as a “free quote” or other.

Is earned credibility money in your pocket?

As a consumer, I am always looking for the reputation of a product or service prior to purchase. Testimonials from others who have used the service is always a good indication of client satisfaction.  Most companies will not post unreliable testimonials, so you can normally trust client responses.  However, if  I am curious, about the reliability of the testimonial, I could look to see if the client provides contact info to authenticate the good message.  There is no higher compliment than one of client satisfaction.  As you work hard to build your company brand, spend the same amount of time making each and every client who uses your service a happy camper.  None of us want negativity toward our companies and bad responses from past clients can quickly derail your best efforts to succeed.

How Does Client Satisfaction bring new revenue full circle?

To build your good reputation along with your company brand credibility, treat each and every client fairly and with competence.  Pricing should be carefully controlled based upon the actual amount of hours or elements needed to provide the service or product.  Never “overcharge” a client and offer plenty of great offers for savings.  You’ll benefit by the client returning again and again and sending others your way.  Building credibility brings along with it, new revenue and a pathway to continued success.  Protect your good reputation and your well earned credibility will serve you well.
Happy Mother's Day 2013
Quote for the day:  If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.
~Attributed to Ghandi
Happy Mother’s Day from the “Design Wizards” at Inside Design Orlando.


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