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May 18, 2013

SEO StrategyMany changes have come about since the inception of the internet. Ten years ago, we were concentrating on meta tag placement in the html source code. Nowadays the trend is toward “responsive design strategy .”

Free Site Evaluation from our team:

If it has been more than a year or two since you had an overall evaluation of your current website, this is time to get it done. We offer “Free” site evaluation to any client interested in contacting us. This is a service that is overlooked and very seldom requested.

Elements necessary for today’s top sites:

  • If your current site is not “mobile ready” responsive design should be a priority.  Your site will then adapt to any user device.
  • Since new content is “king” …consider hiring a professional freelance writer to add a professional touch to the site content.
  • Make sure your site has a blog (which archives) new content and post regular updates.

Outdated Search Engine Rules:

Around the change of the millennium, individual keyword ranking was no longer the key to website success. Unfortunately, many of the old SEO instructions were still available on the web and viewers were reading the wrong information over and over again. The new methodology called for spiders (search engine software) to consider longtail keywords and new content more valuable when judging sites for listings. Authority websites, (those sites with the most new content) became the new leaders.
These smart site owners hired professional writers to draw traffic simply by creating great blog post content. Going a step further, these sites developed categories of specific site information and were considered higher in value simply because they were adding an educational aspect to the site blog content.

Developing Simple Page Content :

Site Layout and DesignThe content should be simple and informative and refreshed at least once a year.  This will insure that the site is updated as the company grows and offers more services. Because the viewer normally stays on the page for less than 30 seconds, he or she should be able to find the page they are looking for quickly and content should be user friendly and brief.  Leave plenty of white space.  In other words, “keep it simple.”

Example of too much content:

Take a look at the image to the left which is a screenshot of a page layout called “About Us.” In our opinion, this page has too much content and is what we mean when we say “too content heavy.”  Paragraphs are too long (should be no more than three to five sentences) and using sub titles would also help.  The blocks of text in the footer should be no longer than one sentence. Graphics or calls to action would be good choices to consider here.

Our Conclusion:

Deliver the message quickly by using bullet points and a short paragraph explaining services available. Hiring a professional for this task is a great idea and will pay off in the long run.  Add the necessary elements to your site (mentioned above) which will bring success.
The search engine method is fluid and changes like the wind. Our SEO Professionals alert you of any changes necessary to stay current with the search tool for top search engines. Contact us soon for a website evaluation. We look forward to assisting you on your journey for a better ROI (Return on Investment).
Thanks for stopping by.  Hurry back for more news and views from the “Design Wizards.”


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