Do you need a local search strategy for your website?

Jun 2, 2013

The universal search tool that Google implemented over four years ago still is valid in today’s search climate.  However, it is important to stay current on the changes which have been implemented recently for this local search methodology. The local search tool allows your website URL to show up first in the search results, just above the organic listings. Users could easily interact with the map icon to the right. This took precedence over the paid ads. Many other search engines followed this method.

Changes that have occurred in this local search method:

Organic Search ResultsAfter using this method for a while, the search engines learned that organic searches proved to be the most popular. Because of this, the search engines had to be careful and list only a few local (universal) search listings. This allowed the viewer to quickly find the organic listings, placed just below. Originally they chose to list only about three or four local search tags. Later they began to list the universal listings among the organic listings for greater user friendliness.
The first step is to set up a Google account and then check out all of the options available through Google.  There is an option called “Google +” which might be a good option to consider among others available.  When advising our clients, we make sure they are cautioned to be careful and go with options available only from the actual search engines themselves, Yahoo, Google, etc.  Unfortunately, there are many new players developing sites and selling services that may or may not be reliable.  To be safe, I suggest going with the actual search engines for SEO options.

How important is it to purchase an “ad word” campaign and where do I sign up?

Purchasing ad words is still a popular method to bring about search results.  As mentioned above, we suggest using information directly from the Google main website. The link here is directing you to the actual Google page for more information about the Google Ad Word method. By signing up for Google Ad Words directly from Google, you’ll be able to choose the images, message and the content you feel best to advertise your product or service available.  Be safe, as there are many scammers out there waiting to prey upon those who do not know the site they are visiting may be a scam site.  It is what you don’t know that can get you into the most trouble.  Stick with the actual search engine main sites to be safe.
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Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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