Hiring a professional blogger …is this the missing link for SEO?

Jun 10, 2013

Most of us are busy just managing the day to day duties necessary for any business. Taking the time needed to blog each week can be daunting. If your business is large enough to have the budget for a professional blogger, this is always the best choice. Another option is to consider a blogger who is presently blogging for another company in your field of expertise. If you know of such a person, it is wise to contact them to ask for their availability.  Those within your industry would naturally be passionate about your business offerings. They would also be familiar with the ins and outs of your online website audience.  Hiring a blogger within your niche can be a huge bonus for your online promotion and might be a first choice to consider.

Hiring a professional blogger:

Looking for a professional bloggerIf you do not know a blogger within your circle,  have no fear. You’ll find that a professional blogger can adapt quickly and after a bit of research,  are able to write creatively about your topic. He or she normally does not specialize in blogging on one topic, but instead, blogs about a variety of subjects.  Hiring a professional blogger will give you the ability to partner with your blogger, and to provide topics for their research.  Their job (when hired by you) is to build your readership by offering interesting and compelling content regularly.  Once this is continued, your website will soon be one of authority on the subject you represent.  An “authority” site will always rank well with top search engines and you will reap the benefits of increased revenue and a large following.

Gaining the rank of “expert blogger.”

An expert blogger is usually an educated journalist or free lance writer, possibly an author of publications and a creative individual able to adapt to any subject matter. They are passionate about almost any subject, can attract an audience, deliver your message, and keep your message in the forefront of the top search engines. They are resourceful researchers and take the time necessary to have their blog posts rank well above other posts based upon the compelling nature of the content. They are constantly learning and staying current with new SEO methods and the search tools of top search engines.  If your budget allows for a professional, this is a wise expenditure and will payoff for a successful web experience.

Keeping the blog and social media up to date:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Your website blog and your social media accounts must be kept up to date if you hope to keep high rank. We recommend you add a new blog post every 7 to 10 days and update your social media accounts regularly as well.  Unless you are willing to stay current with the latest SEO techniques, such as the bloggers do, you will probably not enjoy the results you are hoping for. Some bloggers do take on social media projects. The best rule is to manage your own social accounts and have the blogger write creatively on your website. If you do choose to have them manage both the blog and the social media accounts, be prepared to spend much more, based upon the amount of hours needed to complete both tasks.

Questions to ask the blogger being considered:

  • What is the current body of work (who are they currently blogging for)?
  • Education and degrees earned in journalism, communications, technical writing, ect.
  • Have they written or authored any manuscripts, books, publications, etc.
  • Have they taught or studied creative writing, journalism, PR, or other.
  • What type of SEO Training have they received and/or involved in currently?
  • Do they offer website content development as well as blogging services.
  • Do they offer email newsletter creation, or marketing content work?
  • Ask for a list of references (satisfied clients).

Conclusion: Be transparent and honest with your online audience:

Building trust with readership is very important to keep them coming back and following your content. Make sure you reveal all sources for researched information and offer honest and valuable content which can be enjoyed and will enlighten all visitors to your site.  The blogger should be identified as the author of the blog post (the voice of the blog).
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Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Inside Design Orlando


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