How great content trumps website animation: Are you more than a pretty face?

Jun 16, 2013

Having a website was considered a luxury in the year 2000. After the new millennium however, having a website was no longer considered a luxury, it was a necessity. Today, if you don’t have a website, you may not be in business.  Further, if you expect your website to be productive and bring business your way, there must be more to your website than animation and a “pretty face.” The website must be functional, full of great content and to meet today’s standards, your site must be fully responsive to mobile users.

Website CompetitionThere are thousands of new sites coming on-line each day!

Competition is fierce and those that educate the visitor and have the most current content are the top players. Those are the sites we consider “authority” sites and those are the sites that get most of the viable traffic. Developing customer connections is the new normal for website owners.

How to build an online website community:

Building an Online CommunityOnline marketing is accomplished in many ways. A long-term and comprehensive blogging strategy is always the first consideration, and if the budget allows, we recommend each client hire a professional blogger for best results. Your blogger will also add up to the minute news articles which will show up on your RSS Feed from the blog page. RSS stands for “really simple syndication.”

 Why hire a professional content writer?

Since we know that content is king, when it comes to search engines, providing the client with guidance on hiring a great content writer is our first priority when developing a new site. A professional will understand search engine algorithms and will provide the content needed for good SEO (search engine optimization) requirements.

  • Why re-write the old content?
  • The current site content has been on-line for a very long time.
  • Search engines have scanned this old content long ago and will not scan it again
  • The new site must have “new” content (different from the current content)

Staying in touch by sending periodic newsletter campaigns.

Email marketing takes it a step further and keeps your message in front of your target audience by sending periodic newsletters. Newsletter campaigns are proven to be very effective if used properly. Experience teaches us that 80% of any business is driven by referrals while 20% is new business. Satisfied clients (receiving your newsletter) may refer you to friends and family. Thus, through past business you are driving new business your way using email marketing (newsletter campaigns).

How does social media play a role?

Creating a Facebook page, or setting up other social platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter works wonders to increase your internet community visibility. Posting company videos, announcing special savings for customers, and other online advertising efforts are all equally worthwhile. A great resource to stay current on SEO methods which are constantly changing is Site Pro News.
Have a great summer and hurry back for more from our Design Wizards.
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer
SEO Professional
Inside Design Orlando


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