Blogging to reach your niche market in Central Florida

Jul 7, 2013

The city beautiful is full of great places to visit, featuring our Central Florida vacation spots, tourist destinations, and of course, our famous beaches close by for fun in the sun. Our town has something for everyone and is as diverse as they come. The travelers come from all over the globe and we are proud of our beautiful city and all it has to offer those visitors.

Central Florida Web Designers and our methods:

SEO niche marketAs web designers we focus on creating functional and beautiful websites. Businesses, both small and large strive to continually improve their site’s beauty and functionality. Central Florida websites are used both as a calling card and to attract new business.
The top expectation for most clients is for their website to be built in a way that allows the site to be easily found by potential customers or by the target audience. This requires us to develop the site as a mobile platform (responsive to mobile devices) popular in today’s market place.
However, developing the website is only the first step. Each website we produce also features a custom blog platform, allowing client access to add new content and to blog as needed.

How did SEO techniques change in 2012?

Over the years since the inception of the internet, search engine methodology has changed. No longer is the individual meta tag as important. SEO technique today is driven by fresh new content. To hold top billing, the blog post is king and the content must be fresh, new and creative, not copied from another outside source. When a blog post is created and published, it is competing with all other similar material. Therefore, each effort is important and should be researched to provide the most current up to date and accurate information worthy of the readership. The content is used to inform and generate a discussion, hoping the readership will return for more facts and useful information.

What is non-professional content?

Duplicate content (plagiarism) from an outside source is not accepted. It is also non-professional to use another’s words of wisdom. Your own creativity is the best rule of thumb as a blogger. Take the time to create and use your own thoughts and knowledge regarding the subject. Learn more about the subject through research, and you’ll find blogging a much more rewarding endeavor. With each new and creative post, the website gains in popularity and in value (which elevates the website to one of authority). Adding a new blog post is akin to adding a new page to the site. Blog posts now feature up to the minute news and views based upon the niche market.

Blog composition and development:

As you compose your first blog, you’ll see that it is very similar to creating a press release.  It will include a headline, (the title or the subject line) the body of the content (who, what, when where and why) and may also provide an outside link to other information relating to the topic.  The blog title (headline) should include a few rich keywords which connect the title to the body of information in the blog post. How the blog post differs from a news release however is in the fact that each blog post can be edited at any time.  This is really helpful since your post information should be kept current with the latest news and views on the subject matter.

Who is best to take on the blogging task?

  • An individual familiar and confident with creative writing and public relations
  • Passionate about your product or service
  • A talented employee willing to spend the time researching topics of interest
  • Willing to represent your niche market in a positive manner
  • Someone proficient in writing and publishing skills
  • An individual familiar with SEO techniques and writing expertise

Blogging for successBlogging is not necessarily a secretarial responsibility.  Many receptionists and secretaries are not prepared to spend the time necessary to be a creative writer, nor do they have the skills needed for this task. However, many companies have a marketing staff which has this type of talent.  Allow the new blogger plenty of time to research and develop each post to the fullest.  A new blog post should be compared to a news release and be considered a valuable marketing tool for the company. Take the time to make it great …
Professional bloggers are now in high demand. Blogging (as an SEO technique) has emerged as the way to quickly gain website recognition and to drive traffic to the site.
Live it, learn it and keep blogging for success!
Hurry back for more from the design wizards.
Article by: Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer


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