How To Collaborate with web developers and find the right design team

Jul 14, 2013

Design and Development MethodClients considering new website work are always looking out for that perfect design partner. Each client has a unique vision for their new website, and the “first look” is foremost in their mind. Finding the right design team means interviewing and meeting with several potential design firms.  We hope we’ll be one of those you consider in your search.

Let’s talk the client’s vision … a dramatic and beautiful creation:

We recognize and appreciate that a client knows their business better than anyone else. What they don’t know is how to use the knowledge of the business and transfer their business model into a working website to attract customers. That’s where we come in. Clients usually start by showing us other sites they are drawn to which (in their mind) look the way they want for their site to look. However, they usually have no idea how the process for design and development works. Since the home page (landing page) is indeed the “first look” of the site, their expectations are worthy and should be taken very seriously.

How new technology may influence the design consultation:

Above and beyond designing a beautiful and dramatic “first look” for our clients, the site’s overall functionality must also be taken into account. Each bell and whistle considered will be weighed against this measurement. The latest technology, vital today in this changing marketplace, is how the website will adapt to all devices used to view the site. Mobile capability is a primary issue to consider in today’s culture since most users are multi-tasking. Therefore the following questions must be considered by all clients:

  • Is your target audience likely to use smart-phones, tablet, laptops, I-phone and/or I-pads to view your product or service?
  • Do you want your customers to access your website easily no matter what device they are using?
  • Is it your belief that all content should be accessible to viewers no matter what screen size they are using?
  • Since your current site is not responsive (mobile friendly) is this causing a barrier between you and your customers?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions in the bullets above, you will want your site to be “mobile friendly.”  Ask for a “Responsive Website Design.”

Website DevelopmentWhat happens before the design work starts?

Since we want a happy client in the end, our Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando spend plenty of time with the client one on one, before the actual design work begins. A design session is scheduled to discuss concerns the client may have. Following the design meeting, we prepare a simple wireframe representation of the home page layout to show the client by email.  The wireframe will have a few of the elements discussed in the design session and the client will have an opportunity to comment.
By getting to know the client first, and by collaborating on a wireframe layout, we are able to clear up any issues quickly before the real work begins.  We find this works well with our clients and makes them feel they are an actual part of the process.  Once we share the wireframe idea, we request their logo in a digital format and the design work begins.  The logo colors will influence the site’s color palatte which will complement the company branding currently being used.
The rest is history (with design hours scheduled) for the completion of the website.  Learn more about our design team and contact us to schedule a brief design consult. We look forward to speaking to you about an upgrade for your website.
Say “yes” to Responsive Web Design … Stay current, stay connected and stay involved in today’s technology!
Article by Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer
Inside Design Orlando


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