Optimize for people first & search engines second for website conversion

Jul 21, 2013

SEOIn today’s busy marketplace, if your site is not mobile friendly, you’re missing out on much of your potential traffic. We all recognize that no matter what the age of your viewer, more and more of them are choosing a mobile browsing experience.  Ask for responsive design strategy as you consider a new re-design. Knowing all of this, as we optimize the website, we should develop content for both people visiting the site (our first consideration) and of course for search engine software scanning the site.  Both are equally important (see all suggestions below).

How to optimize your site for people:

  • Request “responsive design”  for your next re-design project.
  • Add a user friendly navigational system (easy access from page to page)
  • Add pleasing images and provide informative content on each page of the site
  • Keep page content current by re-writing page content about once a year
  • Add a blog to the site with archive ability to stay current
  • Hire a professional blogger (to drive traffic and to hold the interest of readership
  • Partner with your blogger to offer topics of interest related to your expertise
  • Build an authority website by adding categories based upon your expertise
  • Offer special savings on your site periodically
  • Stay in touch with customers through email newsletters

 Optimizing the website for the search engine visits:

  • Add great keyword phrases to all page content
  • Refresh page content and blog regularly
  • Be sure all images have an “alt” tag
  • Add reciprocal links to the site (ask for a link exchange)
  • Include “breadcrumbs” linking keywords to relevant content
  • Program meta language behind the scenes on all pages
  • Show the most current blog post to show on the home page
  • Use backlinking in your content areas
  • Add social accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Include timeless “evergreen” content (informative, engaging, interesting)

A well optimized site will bring the best Return On Investment (ROI).
The goal for our website optimization is to attract visitors to the site and have them buy our product or service advertised.  Any action the visitor takes as they browse the site is known as Conversion rate.   They may call or complete a reply/response form and request more information.  Visit our “design shop blog” to learn more about SEO.
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Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Inside Design Orlando
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