Intelligent web design & understanding the value of lead generation

Jul 27, 2013

Intelligent DesignThe main objective, as we develop and build intelligent web design, is to offer viewers a positive viewing experience and to generate new leads for our clients. Above and beyond the beautiful layout, imagery and graphics, providing a mobile friendly website allows the end user to quickly and efficiently find the information they are searching for. This will encourage them to stay longer on the site, and to use the site as it was intended.  Generating new leads is the name of the game (producing revenue for the site owner).  If the client’s current site is outdated and cannot be viewed properly on mobile devices,  it is our experience that the site owner will be missing out on a crucial demographic, since many folks today use mobile devices as their choice for a browsing experience.  Building the site using Responsive Design Strategy  addresses this issue and will offer the most up to date platform for today’s marketplace.

What percentage of leads will come from our website?

It is a fact that eighty percent of our business will be realized by referral or return business. The other twenty percent will be new customers or clients finding us online. Developing and launching a beautiful website and then standing idly and doing nothing once the site is launched, will not bring the results you’re hoping for. To protect your initial investment and improve your lead generation, your website should always be considered “a work in progress.” Take the time to develop the site, for user friendliness. The internet is fluid and new SEO optimization methods do change. We recommend reading and learning new techniques to stay ahead of the competition. Here is a great website that reports the latest SEO news.

Responsive DesignStarting the process and building your identity:

New or unknown companies must spend the time to build brand identity and to consider any and all avenues to identify and reach the target audience. Your website is “just a spoke in the wheel” of success. Today’s technology should be considered as we grow our businesses. However a comprehensive marketing plan works best. This occurs when we take full advantage of any and all methods of marketing our product or service. Consider attending trade shows, and check into the cost for media ads which might benefit your business.

Here are a few additional tips to follow which will promote lead generation:

  • Look at your current site and evaluate the value of updating the site with new technology
  • Create great content through blogging and page development to turn viewers into buyers
  • Check out the benefits of social media, newsletter creation and email campaigns.

Good luck in developing your “intelligent design.”
Article by:  Jean Holland-Rose
Inside Design Orlando


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