Story Branding techniques through blogging and and social media

Aug 5, 2013

To succeed today in this challenging web community, your brand development should be a crucial part of any business plan. The website design and development is quickly followed by ideas to promote and elevate your own special mark on the world, your brand. This is where story branding comes in.  Blogging and Social Media also plays a part in brand development and promotion.

Brand IdentityHow social media and blogging play a part in Story Branding:

Anyone in business today and using their website for advertising and driving traffic their way, is fully aware of the importance of social media and how valuable it is to future business. Checking and responding to social media questions posed by site visitors is vital in staying current.  If not, you run the risk of alienating current or potential clients. Your reading audience is expecting a quick method to communicate with you and your brand.  Social media provides that channel to communicate effectively.  Blogging regularly is also crucially important since new content is “king.”  We provide blogging workshops for our clients which are “Free” and available to all who will RSVP to attend.  Call us to inquire about the date and time for our next workshop.

The goal for business websites:

The goal for every business owner is to have your brand chosen over an alternative brand (your competition) and story logic can enhance brand effectiveness. As we discuss the value of a brand we can use the example of the make of car you own for example, the clothes you wear, and even the soap you use.  All of these are a reflection of your brand choice. Building a brand is simply telling the story about your product or service and convincing others to choose your brand over another.
Story Branding is not about converting advertising into stories or “story selling.” It is about organizing your thinking to gain a better perspective on all stages of the brand’s life cycle. The brand life cycle is defined as the incorporation of all phases of the brand’s packaging and production from the birth of the idea to unleashing the finished product or service.

Promotion and BrandingStory Branding  and Product Promotion:

Storytelling has been the mainstay of communication since the beginning of language. The most useful definition I have found to explain story telling is this: Story telling is simply connecting a series of happenings, fictitious or non-fictitious.  Story “branding” is born as we develop the story telling to a new level that promotes our business brand to be recognized easily by those searching for what we have to offer.
Like story structure, a story brand can be defined as dealing with obstacles (while developing a story line)  to connect with our prospect or future clients.  You will be connecting with your readership to achieve a relationship. To do this, your story telling must be truthful and most importantly, “believeable.”
When you have mastered this level of story branding your product or service will enjoy the value that only a successful brand name can provide.  You’ll enjoy all of the perks associated with a well-known brand.
Thanks for stopping by to read our blog for the week.  Regards, Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Mgr. Inside Design Orlando


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