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Sep 16, 2013

Getting to know your target audienceGetting to know your customer and their needs is key to building your website business in today’s busy marketplace. Everyday, the number of websites that are competing for the same attention on the web is staggering. To attract those customers browsing on-line and to turn those same customers into recurring visitors is every business owner’s goal. Although we understand that 80% of most of our business is through referral, the other 20% is new business and this is the audience who deserves our focus and our tender loving care.

  • Learn what they are shopping for and make sure you offer that service or carry that item
  • Research other competitors to see what benefit they provide that you do not
  • Get familiar with the impulses of your target groups and provide great customer service
  • Offer your own unique plan for benefits … offer a discount percentage or other savings for those visiting your site
  • Adjust your marketing and business plan to fit today’s challenging economy … change your content each year to stay current

Marketing research is beneficial for site development

Hiring a professional marketing researcher could be a great benefit for some clients. If the site content is technical in nature, and if the service or product is not well-known, it is a good idea to pay for a bit of market research prior to the site development. This will give you a clear idea of how to market your unique product or service. Website development can be expensive and you want to be sure to do your due diligence before having the developer add the content.

Keyword ResearchThe right keywords and targeted phrasing will make or break your site

Keyword research is more than an optimization tool, it the heart and soul of your website and should be updated regularly (we suggest that you review this at least once a year). Search trends change and keyword phrasing has to be current based upon the search criteria in place at the time the research is being done. Include this in your yearly business plan to make sure it is not overlooked.

Listen carefully to your customer … they will let you know how to please them

It may be said that every individual man and all men in common aim at a certain end which determines what they choose and what they avoid. This end, to sum it up briefly, is happiness and its constituents….The Poetry of Aristotle
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Article: Jean Holland-Rose, Inside Design Orlando
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