Customer service, website tech support, blogging …new roles for company personnel?

Sep 23, 2013

Getting to know your target audienceThroughout the year we run into different concerns and issues as they relate to our online businesses. No matter how small or large your organization, you probably have on board, many talented people with differing education and expertise. It is a smart business owner that delegates responsibility based upon the talent available. Some companies actually advertise for employees with skills above and beyond that of the job description.

Company tech support for day-to-day operations:

Tech support is a role which is normally taken over by outside folks, but more and more we are seeing that an individual inside the company with this skill set is assigned to Internet Technology duty to save money. Many applicants these days are not only familiar with today’s technology, having used it themselves, but may also have this education and experience on their resume. Taking advantage of this expertise will benefit the company and at the same time allow the employee to gain valuable experience as an IT professional.
Along with his other company duties, a company IT professional can be in charge of setting up email accounts on the site, handling internal communications, maintains software updates, registers new domain names and can also set up a new hosting arrangement for the company if needed. With new online regulations being implemented, the IT professional will be an important go to guy or gal to have around the water cooler.

Professional Writers and bloggersCustomer Service and Blogging … The Combination of skills

Writers are few and in great demand as bloggers. Professionals play a large role in blogging for company success if you have the budget for this outsourcing. However, as you hire newcomers you might look for those that have creative writing credentials.  They can be utilized in creating great email newsletters for selling online.  If done right, this is a huge avenue to reach your target audience.  Who knows better than your company employees, when it comes to pricing advantages and offers available for your customers?
As the new employee learns more about the company working day by day, what better person to assign the blogging duty. They are most familiar with what your target audience is looking for and can use that knowledge to blog and offer specials and other documents and online information which is directly related to client demand.
Customer service is covered by the continual blogging efforts developed by the person assigned to this task. He or she will be most familiar with customer complaints, requests and other issues that pop up day by day. They will also gain insight into what topics are most useful for your unique product or service. They can concentrate their efforts on developing the site into one of “authority” which will draw more traffic and bring more ROI (Return on Investment) to your company. They will also be the first to hear about and report on industry news and views which offers your site a higher value to search engines.
A customer service individual may be just the ticket to blog for the company if they possess good technical and creative writing skills. As the company interviewer is questioning an applicant for this position, ask the applicant about their additional skills. Learning this and acting upon this new method will bring the company future success and save money to spend another day.
Today is the last day of summer and the first day of fall. … enjoy the fall season and hurry back for more news and views from the “Design Wizards” at Inside Design Orlando.
Article by Jean Holland-Rose
SEO (Orlando Website Design)


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