How to brand an idea for your product, company or service .. Part One

Oct 15, 2013

Part one of this series of blog posts will discuss more in-depth “choosing a name and logo for your brand.” When you assign your brand a name, you should also consider the symbolism of the name and how it might impact your target audience in the future. This will come into play when you meet with a graphic designer and discuss the appearance of your brand logo. Both the brand owner (you) and the potential client, needs a name and a logo which will be easy to identify.
Also equally important is building your personal brand to stand out among other brands as a leading contender. The reason APPLE the company is so successful is that instead of building a company, they have worked hard on building a brand (name) that is easily recognized as the leader in their unique field. Standing out in the crowd will draw more people to your brand and not just to a company, product or service. We know and experience teaches us that buying a brand name is the first consideration to the discerning shopper. Building that brand name is all important on your journey to success.
From the moment you have an idea and decide to take that idea and grow the process, you are working on building a brand. The branding process simply goes further and introduces your unique offering to the marketplace. To know if your idea is a valid money-maker ask yourself these two important questions:
Is there a need in the marketplace for your idea?
Do you have the ability to fulfill this need creatively and cost effectively?
If the answer is yes to both questions, your journey begins. How you move forward from this point will determine your success. Branding starts with choosing a company name and building that name to one that can be recognized by all in your industry as a reliable and popular choice for selling your product or service.

Following suggestions for building your unique brand!

Decide upon a name for the company
Find a graphic designer to develop a company logo.
Research copyright and tax information
Research website options to consider & choose a designer
Learn more about SEO and Social Media / add this to the website
Discover email marketing campaigns / send periodical newsletters
Check into radio, tv or other advertising methods
Start with the company name and do your due diligence.  Hurry back next time for part two of “How To Brand An Idea.”
Article by Jean Holland-Rose
Inside Design Orlando


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