End users consider upgrade to Word Press Responsive Design for Mobile Viewing

Nov 13, 2013

Cost effective re-design options rule.  The top choice this year is the Word Press responsive platform.  Since this is a template platform, it is normally less costly than a custom design and offers a lot of functionality as well.   WordPress offers CMS capability for updating the site as well as offering a mobile friendly experience for site visitors. There is a learning curve and those willing to spend the time needed to get up to speed will benefit by being able to run their own sites. Here are some of the advantages:

No programming ability required:

As a self-contained platform, WordPress does not require the user to know and understand HTML editing software such as Dreamweaver.  Site owners can upload documents, create new pages, add new blog posts, and more.  The WordPress platform allows you to add your own meta data (keywords, description, title of the post, etc.) without using an outside programmer. You can also add video files, and learn to create your own image galleries after becoming familiar with the platform template instructions.

Manage the site from any computer:

Since Word Press is browser-based, you may log onto any computer, put in your user name and password and manage the site virtually. Many clients who travel may find this is an especially great advantage since they can update their site on the go.

SEO is enhanced with Word Press:

Word Press code is clean and simple which makes it easy for search engine spiders to read and index. As you add a page or blog post, you can also add additional meta language to keep your site optimized for SEO. No need to hire an outside IT professional for this task.

The look and feel of the site is easily customizable:

The Word Press site owner (after reading and learning the instructions provided) can easily change the design and add more functionality to the site as the business grows. Add a calendar, image gallery, Twitter Feed and many other plugins which are available free of cost. Add as many pages and blog posts as you like.

Built-in blog capabilities galore:

The WordPress blog platform is easy to use and simple to set-up. Your site can become as dynamic and interactive as you wish. You may set up the RSS Feed, Email subscription and add commenting capabilities as needed.

Add multiple users to the site while keeping security risk low:

As the site administrator, the site owner can add other users and assign access levels as he or she wishes. Some owners add a user to blog while others offer access to additional users to add plugins and other functional elements to the site. This a huge plus since the site owner (administrator) will keep total control of the site while allowing other users only for specific purposes to minimize security risks.
Contact us to discuss a new WordPress platform for your next site re-design.  Hurry back for more from the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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