The Growing Popularity of WordPress Responsive Websites

Dec 8, 2013

As 2014 approaches, we are very aware of the growing popularity of the WordPress platform as a top choice for clients. Although the giants of the industry, Joomla and Drupal platforms do have their place, WordPress surpasses them time after time based upon ease of use. WordPress makes it possible for clients to not only add content to the site, but to learn about and use other elements and options available from template to template.  WordPress templates are also available in a mobile responsive format.  This makes it user friendly for all browsing platforms such as Droid phones, I-Phones, I-Pads, etc.
You can see (based upon the chart below) how WordPress has grown past the competitors and continues to climb in popularity. We expect this trend to continue into 2014.

In the current environment, SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) and the importance of having a CMS (Content Managed Site) is the most important aspect for most clients. Since the WordPress Platform is primarily focused on blogging, the WordPress platform soars high above the competition Most any blogger with a fair amount of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge can build the WordPress blogging section into one of authority, attracting many followers. Additionally, site owners can add new content and images and keep the site updated without using outside IT professionals.
With the easy to use blog feature of the WordPress site, the content is front and center. The content of the website will always rise above the other elements such as images and video. New content will determine the site’s popularity. A professional blogger will understand how important adding news articles and developing the content portion of the site works. Content will always trump technical features. Learning to use the blog feature and communicating digitally will attract end users to the site and thus increase the site’s conversion rate by turning visitors into buyers.
When a client is considering the platform to choose for new design, the WordPress platform has many options which were designed for the needs of the site owner. This may be the smoking gun….the reason why the WordPress platform is being chosen over the competition for website owners.
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