Website Logo and Color Palette Identifies You Visually

Jan 20, 2014

The web is a visual medium. The development of your website logo will be the most important effort on your part as you begin your branding experience. A well designed logo introduces you, tells your story, and defines you visually. It is your first impression, and identifies you across all mediums and platforms. Your printed material such as business cards, brochures and all printed items will be taken more seriously if your logo is well designed, with a great color palette, chosen carefully based upon your product or service advertised.

A professional graphic artist:

If your budget allows, we suggest that you hire a professional graphic artist to develop your logo concept. He or she will work with you on color palette selection.  The graphic artist will also provide several formats which can be used on all of your printed items as well as for the website. Below are a few of the recent logos recently designed by one of our graphic partners.  Notice how color was used effectively in each logo to represent the specific service.
Logo Design
Oasis Logo Design
Logo Design

Understanding color power:

The color “red” is vibrant, passionate, strong and attention-grabbing. This is a favorite color used for many restaurants and food chains as it tends to charge emotions and encourage patrons to order mouth-watering food items. The color “violet” is regal, sacred, sensual and luxurious, perfect for every website from fine furniture sales to magazines.
Many professional companies choose the color “blue” for branding, as it is a cool color, dependable and sophisticated. Shades of blue are full of depth, constant and yet dynamic. The color “green” is fresh, relaxing, balanced and calm. A natural color of earth, great for any company logo. The color “yellow” is usually used on sites looking for a happy color, such as a children’s website. The color “orange” is a warm color used on many healing medical sites and offers a playful color hue.
As you consider your color palette choices, consider the emotional qualities of color and how each color is chosen based upon the application of use. Using the right color can create a dramatic look and feel for any project. Hurry back for more news from the Design Wizards of “Inside Design Orlando.”  Contact us to schedule a consultation for your next website project. We have design packages to suit all budgets.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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