Web Development: Design Methods Change To Reach A Worldwide Audience

Jan 27, 2014

New Design ElementsNew design changes affect all web users. As new bells and whistles are available for programming applications they are immediately asked for by website owners. Since re-design every three to four years has now become the norm, we are constantly learning new technology as it is introduced into the marketplace. When users visit a website they are expecting a presentation based upon the most up to date technology as possible, featuring all of the new features and design methods.

Technical Thinking and New Web Applications:

Our end users are constantly experiencing differences in web presentation as well as interaction. Hence, as programmers and designers, we must adapt to new technical variations as they are introduced to our worldwide audience. There are many different versions of web browsers, internet connections, and different operating systems. All new design work must be based around this, knowing that it would be impossible to design for every situation, hardware and software combination.
We learn to be flexible and to design for the majority of web users and for the top browser capability. Not all web browsers display code the same. Older browsers do not support many of the new style and features. However, when viewed on older computers, the new re-designed site can still be viewed well (minus a few bells and whistles). We design each site to function properly and retain cross browser compatibility.

Layout Consideration and Continuing Education:

Continuing education is a must for all web developers that hope to stay current with new technology requirements. As criteria changes, we must design layouts to communicate the amount of pixel height and width based upon those changes. Font size and type are also important and are subjected to different operating systems. We choose the typeface and interface carefully, keeping in mind the comparable differences in browser display. Web development is fluid and it is not ok to ignore changes and not to change with the times. We owe this to our clients and welcome their amazing expectations which demand that we become better designers and programmers on their behalf.  Change is good …. and it is certainly constant.
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Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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