Becoming a pro at creating great website content

Feb 15, 2014

blogging ideaDeveloping your professional writing skill takes time and effort on your part. The magic of words will elevate your site to one of authority if done correctly. Whether you’re writing for your blog page, an individual website page, or creating a great advertisement for your next email newsletter, remember to be inspiring, informative and worth the read in a friendly manner.  It helps if you have a sense of humor, and if you’re one of those lucky individuals with this great quality, good for you. However, whatever your style, your writing technique will improve over time if you stick with it and you will attract more viewers.  The most important rule to begin with is this:

  • Begin the process by creating content for your customer, not for yourself.  Come up with an idea which will connect with your target audience and build the article around that premise.

How important is it to write for an age dynamic?

Tapping into your customer’s needs based upon an age group can be very important. Once you have determined the most popular age groups interested in your product or service, write and publish content with those groups in mind. Younger individuals (as an example) relate strongly to videos and social media. Linking to an interesting video or adding a social medial link just may do the trick and entice them to return for more. Older individuals might be on a fixed income and are looking for special savings. They should be offered a specific benefit to capture their interest. Coming up with a monthly special, and staying in touch with your clients through an email newsletter is a great tool for success. Further, advertising your special coupon or savings on the landing page of the website is also recommended.  By doing both, the viewership will be sure to add you to a list of favorite sites.

Stay away from sales pitches and bragging tactics!

Story Telling and BloggingBragging and resorting to clever sales maneuvers should always be avoided.  Professionals never ask the customer for a commitment, but rather share the moment with him or her and develop a relationship based upon their individual needs. All customers have a desire to interact with people (the need to be human). Choose topics worth reading. Offer a benefit for your viewing audience and they will respond and react to your brand. Blowing your own horn can turn the viewing audience off so be humble and build your brand carefully offering only honest and factual information. As your storytelling improves, you’ll find an added bonus. The customer will be more willing to share the content with their circle of friends. This is the method for developing a following which can bring the best results. The more individuals that are introduced to your product or service, the higher the revenue produced.

Advertising professionals offer the following advice:

  • Make it simple
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it inviting to look at
  • Make it fun to read

Good luck ahead as you begin your writing career and improve on your style everyday.
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Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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