The magic of words …connecting with your target audience

Feb 23, 2014

Return On InvestmentUse the magic of words to connect with your target audience. Great content can transcend the normal day-to-day boring narrative found on many older websites. A little care taken in preparing new page content and adding interesting blog material to your site through the magic of words can improve your ROI (return on investment).
If the content is great, the reader will feel you are simply educating them and building your brand. This is a less intrusive sales method, and the correct way to build a following and gain brand recognition. No one wants to be “solicited for sales.” Without asking for a firm commitment to purchase goods and services, you must first build trust to connect with them in a friendly way. Your viewers are very savvy and are able to recognize obvious sales gimmicks. Your audience would rather spend their valuable time on a “good read.”

Pop-Ups and Sales Gimmicks

No audience wants to be ambushed with pop-ups, commercials and sales gimmicks that block the webpage. The viewer will be irritated as he hunts for the method to remove the pop-up frame. The majority of web viewers quickly bypass the intrusion of trying to advertise to them by using commercial skipping devices called DVRs which have been available since the early 1990s. These devices make it possible to automatically skip commercials and other unwanted content, imagery, etc. As web designers, we never encourage our clients to clutter their websites with this type of advertising which does not bring positive results based upon current research.

Storytelling Methods for Content Marketing Goals

Instead of using gimmicks and advertising jargon, readers appreciate heartwarming, informative content and human interest stories. This type of narrative helps to develop an emotional attachment to your reader and also increases the likelihood that your reader will share your content with others in their circle. Use great storytelling methods to reach your audience and increase your content marketing results.

Content MarketingRome wasn’t built in a day

As you develop content and work on your new marketing methods, please remember the following:

  • Don’t blow your own horn (build your brand instead)
  • Allow a great website to do the talking
  • Entertain your audience with creative writing skills
  • Become the voice of authority about your expertise
  • Be patient….building a brand takes time

They may not buy today but tomorrow they will remember you and purchase from a brand that understands them and provides the web experience and magic word interaction they were looking for. If you feel your creative writing skills are lacking, it is a good idea to hire a professional for this task. There are good bloggers advertising on the web and their fees are very competitive.  The cost should be calculated into your marketing plan and considered necessary. By using a professional, you will in essence become part of their entertainment. Contact us for a list of bloggers available in your area.
Thanks for stopping by to share tips on writing creatively.  Keep it simple, be creative and enjoy the process
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional
Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando


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