WordPress is the the top CMS platform for 2014

Mar 1, 2014

Content ManagementThe popularity of the WordPress CMS platform has increased over the past year.  It is quickly becoming the most used CMS platform by far.  At least 19 percent of the Internet is powered by WordPress and this includes almost half of the largest websites in the world. Experience teaches us that blogging (above all other SEO methods) will increase your website ranking and attract more followers to your site. Because of this, non-technical users are now choosing the WordPress platform based upon the user friendliness and ease of use.
As a complete content managed system, the WordPress platform responds as any word processing software might respond which is a plus for those clients already familiar with Microsoft Word. Editors may create and add original articles, videos, images, audio and other media elements. Once an article is published and online, the editor can then return to the article and edit as needed when new information is available.

Using the WordPress platform to spotlight the most current blog post:

The latest blog post normally appears on top of the blog page. To gain the most SEO success with your WordPress Platform, we suggest adding a bit of code to the site which will add the most recent post to show on the home page as well. Each new post is equivalent to adding a new page to the website. This enhances your ability to attract search engines and to keep the blog content in the spotlight. A rule of thumb for those learning to blog for the first time is to “never” delete a blog post.

Why can’t I delete a post?

Content MarketingYou may edit the content but do not delete the content. Once the post content is published it is sent to many search engines to be reviewed according to their timeline. When the search engines return to your site to review the published content (if you have deleted the post) all they will find is an empty page. The title submitted will still be indexed and those finding the title of the post in the future will click on the title and immediately be met with a note saying “page not found.” This is one of the most important rules to follow: “Never delete a post.”

WordPress Blog Pages (adding new pages)

Blog pages are created for site visitors rather than for search engines. These individual static pages (not archived) offer useful info. Elements such as PDF files for download and adding an informative worksheet for example can be useful. Company forms which can be downloaded and completed are very useful additions to the site and can be included on a static page located within the blog platform. Adding YouTube video for instructional purposes is also a popular method. Adding a static page to add valuable links will help with Search Engine Optimization and thus raise your level of value for those search engines reviewing the content.
Consider a WordPress platform if you are a non-technical person looking to increase your search engine results.  Being able to manage and maintain your own new and original content will bring a new level of success to your business.  Please contact us for additional information regarding SEO and content writing.
Gina Gravedoni, Guest Blogger
Inside Design Orlando


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