A Look Into the Future Of Web Design

Mar 30, 2014

web developmentFunctionality, minimalism, new color trends and simplicity will become key in website re-design of the future. Keeping usability in mind, the new design must be easy to navigate and have a simple and pleasing mainframe which will invite users to bookmark the site for return visits. As more and more mobile devices are the platform of choice for viewers, new challenges and opportunities are presented. As web designers, we must create a multi-platform product to quickly respond in real-time for end users. The site must double as a mobile site to cover all devices now being used to search the web.
Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a new approach to mobile design which allows website optimization for all screen sizes. The standalone mobile sites are giving way to these more usable responsive sites. Since your target audience has expanded to the entire planet, the sites of the future must be optimized and offer cross-browser compatibility for popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Safari. As web design of the future will adapt to any device, this is sometimes referred to as “technology agnostic.”
The future designs will feature clear layouts, bolder colors, more non-boring typography  and less embellishment. New design principles will use more monochromatic color schemes, single page layouts, lots of empty space and no unnecessary elements. We are already using new and creative fonts which are custom to each project creating a unique look and feel.
Color, which we refer to as “the silent sales person” does matter. It will always play a prominent role in future design creations. The right color is capable of changing your thinking, can cause a reaction such as to raise your blood pressure or increase your appetite. Our clients are now willing to look at more bold colors and are now realizing that the colors black and white should also be considered for the primary color choice.  Although these two colors were once considered void of color we now know this is not the case. Both are strong and independent colors which when used properly are perfect for some markets.
Color PaletteTo come up with a color palette for a project, there are hundreds of combinations. If the client is using business cards and other items currently which is connected to his logo and other branding elements, this should be a starting point. He or she may have thousands of business cards, letterhead and other branding pieces which are presently in use. Changing to a completely different color scheme would not be prudent for this client if this is the case.
However, if he is starting a new business with no branding available, the sky is the limit and a meeting should be held with the client to discuss the new color trends of today and how to incorporate them. Spending time with the client to understand his color likes and dislikes can save a lot of time and the end product will be colors the client can feel comfortable with. We will also discuss color combinations that work well with the type of product or service he offers. A happy medium will be met and a new updated color palette will be created.
We continue to learn and grow as new design trends and new technology comes on the scene. We wish all of our readers a happy re-design renovation and the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando are here to offer suggestions for an updated site of the future.
We look forward to meeting with you for a design consultation.
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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