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Apr 7, 2014

Layout and DesignDuring the past year we have seen many changes in design and technology requests. Our programmers and designers are constantly challenged to stay current with today’s design trends and new technology. Clients are becoming more tech savvy on just what they need for the future.
Both Custom Design and Template applications have shifted to RSS (Responsive Design Strategy.” These mobile friendly platforms are required for today’s viewers, who are using different devices to shop on-line and browse the web.
Clients are choosing CMS (Content Managed Software) to be able to manage their own sites without incurring costs of expensive programmers. Blogs are now prevalent on most sites based upon the fact that content is driving their traffic rather than fancy graphics and imagery. Layout and design is becoming more minimalistic and basic. Monochromatic color is the top choice for new clients.
Video is on the scene and many customers are using the YouTube and Vimeo format to feature video presentations on their sites. This is a favorite method to introduce themselves to their viewing audience. Live chat is also experiencing a resurgence. Third party programming is high on the list of “must haves” for specific applications. One such application was needed on a site just published called “Transportation Orlando.” This site owner required the programming to offer a quick way for customers to reserve ground transportation. Restaurants who request us to build a site allowing their diners to order online, also need this third-party programming.

Should I purchase a template and attempt to download myself?

Downloading a WordPress or Drupal template is possible if you have more time than money. You will need to spend the time to learn the software you are purchasing. An instruction manual is normally available with a template purchase. It does require a commitment on your part.  If you are not able to understand basic programming languages that are used to integrate applications into the website, you will need to consider hiring a programmer. Before purchasing a theme, it is suggested that you contact a website company to find out what is required for implementation. Additionally, WordPress and Drupal applications are built on the php platform. Make sure the server you choose, supports PHP before you sign up for their services.

New projects on-line and working for our clients ….thanks for your business!

The following clients are enjoying new sites this spring:
A.L.S. Security Solutions
This is a custom website offering security options for Central Florida clients.
Orlando Celebration Gardens
This website is a WordPress Platform which is optimized and programmed for success.
Dentistry At Lake Nona:
This WordPress CMS Site features a welcome video from the site owner.

New clients (sites in progress)

A warm welcome to new clients, Celebration Funding, Treasure Coast Mortgage, George’s Gourmet Cookies & Catering, Leak Doctor Insurance and MBI-Police. Inside Design Orlando is looking forward to providing great new looks for spring.  If you’re considering a new look for spring, we would love to have the opportunity to provide a proposal. Call us to discuss options.
We hope all of you have a wonderful Easter Holiday.
Happy Easter 2014
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