"On-Site” Content: How It Affects Website Conversion Rate

Apr 20, 2014

Marketing campaigns, fliers, white papers, company updates to include any and all business strategy at the office must now be included on the website. Conversion rate online depends upon an action being taken by those visitors who find your website.  Updated and valuable content is what drives the visitor to your door and this content should reflect everything that is currently being presented at the office. No longer is it ok just to add a paragraph of content to the subsequent pages of a website and hope for the best. As you improve your office and business strategy, so should you improve and update all material on the website.
The “on-site” content has to be well thought out and offer the reader a real benefit. It must be strong enough to drive visitors to take action (this action is referred to as conversion). They are there to have a question answered or to look for a reason to purchase what you represent. The content for all pages must be clean, easy to read and offer a clear advantage for the reader.

SEO Target Market

On-line purchases are quickly reaching a level to match those purchased off-line. The on-site content you choose to display on your site pages will make or break your future success.  Targeting your qualified buyers is referred to as “targeted SEO.”

FAQ Page brings new life to website SEO:

The FAQ page is now experiencing a significant comeback as it serves to drive traffic for those who are searching for questions of concern. Our clients are being encouraged to develop their own unique FAQ section of their website. In this way, they are developing another tool to drive qualified buyers to their site.  New leads can now be generated by using this tool which has been overlooked in the past. For those clients who are not offering blog content regularly, the FAQ page may be the only valuable content for consumers to browse for answers. Individual blog posts may offer some information being searched for.  However, the FAQ page can offer the more common questions and answers about your specific product or service.

FAQ page drives new business to your door:

Example: Let’s imagine you are a vendor selling paint for residential use. You have recently developed a new FAQ page, and one of the FAQ questions and answers involves painting your home and how paint reacts to different climates. Now let’s imagine, that somewhere out there is a reader searching for an answer to how different paint reacts to different climates.  When they submit this question, immediately, your FAQ page will quickly be indexed as one of the sources to answer their question. By adding a new FAQ page you have now successfully driven a potential client to your website.

Hiring a professional blogging team:

Blogging PartnershipSocial media accounts, informational videos, articles of interest, news worthy items added by blogging, has become the top vehicle to drive traffic to your website. Most clients are quickly realizing the value of a professional blogger to keep new and updated information regarding their expertise on their site at all times.  Paying for a professional blogger is now a budgeted item which is just as important as any other advertising expense. Professionals attend on-going continuing education on SEO methods which change as new technology is introduced onto the scene. They must stay up to date on all SEO (search engine optimization tools) and are a huge benefit for website owners.
Although your time may be limited and you may need the assistance of a professional to blog on the site, you can still play an important role in developing your brand by offering new company information which can be added to the website as your business grows. Partnering with your professional blogging team is the best strategy to stay ahead of the competition. As your business grows, your website will grow as well to become an authority on your unique offerings.
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