Content distribution and using press releases: The good, the bad and the ugly

May 20, 2014

There is a never-ending list of changes that all webmasters must keep up with if we pride ourselves in providing the latest information to our clients regarding SEO and content distribution to their websites. It is not in our power to control Google search methods that change like the wind. It is high time to change the content strategy to keep up with current methods.
Most current newsMany companies use press releases to get their word out.  They often post their press releases on paid wire services such as Market Wire, Business Wire or PR News Wire.  Links placed in the press releases are being tagged by Google as “unnatural links.”  This will give the press release a negative score for SEO with Google.  The best rule of thumb if you must use a link in a press release that is being shared on wire services, tell your webmaster or author to tag the link with a “no follow” code.  This will prevent your press release from receiving a negative score with Google.
When blogging, it is best to write easy flowing, original articles which will mesh nicely into your content area and will provide the most current news as it relates to your business. It will also most likely be read by those looking for original and informative information.  Visit Site Pro News to stay current on new search methods and the best choice is always a well-written original article offering information on your expertise. Fresh high-quality writing will never be out of style.  Our best advice is to hire a professional who understand the SEO rules and can generate this high-quality content to spread your message.
More and more of our website clients are realizing that just a website will bring them very little results. Content marketing is king and without this, fancy fonts, graphics and imagery will not bring the targeted audience to your door.
Blog for success in 2014 and hurry back for more news you can use from the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando.


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