Anchor terms work hard to enhance SEO … As Always, Content is King

Jun 5, 2014

Creating anchor terms that build associations based upon the content of a particular page in the website will enhance your ability to rank for the anchor term, as well as the associated terms. The definition of an anchor term is as follows:
Anchor text normally refers to a word or phrase which (in the form of a link) leads to more information regarding the specific anchor term. When the user clicks on the anchor term or phrase (link) the destination leads to more relevant, descriptive or contextual info regarding the anchor term(s). Anchor text helps the site owner to develop strong relationships for search engines to follow and thus enhances your SEO ranking results.
This methodology of building content using anchor terms also refers to page titles.  Starting with general terms and developing the language further, branching out into more and more specifics always raises SEO levels of importance.  Adding more detailed information which might include white papers, the latest news regarding your own product, service and expertise, news releases, research or other informative information can also be considered a step forward with SEO.
Using the same phrase over and over again can have a negative effect and limit the effectiveness of your search engine optimization. Creating additional terms and expounding on those will make the page easier to read and will be more valuable. . To choose anchor word(s), do your due diligence by discovering which keywords are general, which are over used and which words are the ones typically searched for based upon need. This will help you decide which words to use which will offer the best results for SEO.
Here are a few tips for adding anchor text and new phrasing methods:

  • Don’t repeat but instead be compelling
  • Test and measure effectiveness based upon your ROI (return on investment). This is always a good sign that your SEO methods are working.
  • Research the title tag and how it compares in search results once it has been scanned by search engine spiders (software).

Until next time, stay safe and hurry back for more SEO news you can use from the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando.
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