How to make the sale online and overcoming objections

Jun 12, 2014

Objections to buyingby Jean Holland Rose
For a new salesperson an objection seems like a frustrating roadblock. However, for seasoned sales people, an objection is a great opportunity to clear up issues. It is here that new sales people need help in understanding how to use objections in a positive way.  By listening closely to your buyer, you’ll uncover the main reason (or objection) they have for not purchasing your product or service.  Without knowing this you may lose many sales and never learn why the sale did not occur.  The customer will simply go to another source more willing to discuss the issues (before purchase).
When people are planning their vacation getaway, they may search for hours researching, visiting many websites and putting together a list of possible vacation spots. Some buyers are very cautious of purchases online based upon the many scams which have been sent their way through email marketing, etc.  Many tourist sites post a list of “benefits of buying online” which helps to make the buyer feel safer with online purchases. They may also offer a special savings to purchase the vacation TODAY as opposed to waiting.
Using this advanced sales technique on your own website should (if done correctly) should encourage the buyer to complete an online request.  Just like these vacation websites, your product or service might offer a list of online purchase benefits and many clients also add a Frequently Asked Questions page to the website.”  This page will go further and  answer the most popular questions asked by your specific buyers.
Overycoming ObjectionsOnce the objections have been overcome and the buyer has conveyed a need for your service, the last step in making the sale is simply “asking for the sale.”  “If you’re ready to purchase today, we will need the following information.”  You may need to set up a meeting with the buyer, ask for final payment information or simply provide the date the product or service is to be performed or delivered.
All visitors to the website should be able to see clearly,  a “call to action” element such as a colorful and easy to see button directing the buyer to take an immediate action. Here are a few options:

  • Buy Now
  • Buy Today
  • Free Quote
  • Order Today
  • Request A Quote
  • Purchase Now

Good luck with your online business and stay tuned for more. Have a great week and stay safe.  Until next time.
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