Clean, Responsive Web Design … a must for new entrepreneurs

Jul 10, 2014

Responsive Design StrategyThe future of web design include responsive design strategy. It also calls for clean sites with minimal content.  We are now using flat bold colors, combined with simplistic design which breath new life into the modern sites of today.  Mobile phones, tablets, and the like are now everywhere we look and we are no longer stuck in the office in front of a computer.  Likewise, those customers looking for products and services, are used to using mobile devices of all types, I-Phones, I-Pads, Tablets, etc. Unless your website is mobile friendly and responsive, you may be missing out on a large segment of your target audience.
Design simplicity allows for about 350 words for a content rich page. Newer design methods suggest that the emphasis is on rich content rather than graphic presentations.  However, special care is taken not to put too much content from page to page. Creating a new page is a better solution when more room is needed for additional content.  This beats scrolling forever which might discourage users.  Designers are banking on quick and responsive consumption of content, offering all necessary information but not too much on any one individual html web page.
Staying responsive to your site visitor:
Stay away from heavy background images, too many animations and complicated navigation bars. The site user should be able to find the information they are seeking in just a few seconds.  Don’t count on them staying on your site more than 30 seconds.  If your most valuable info is not readily accessible, you will lose your visitor who will search elsewhere. You’ll be missing out on many opportunities to convert visitors to paying customers. Add call to action verbs to direct visitors to the information they’re seeking and you receive a big payoff with higher revenue and more ROI (return on investment).  Put the most important and informative content on the home page.  One paragraph and a bulleted list is suggested.
There is definitely an art to developing clean and responsive design. To do this we must limit the content and number of graphic elements and design each page layout to conform to a mobile format. This will enable the site to load faster and respond to user devices. Creating a minimalistic layout allows us to put our main focus on negative space, typography and spacing. All of this becomes essential as we develop the clean and responsive site concept.  Responsive design is here to stay so to as designers, we must stay current with the new technology asked for by savvy clients.
Author, Jean HollandRose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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