Driving Factors for SEO Success in 2014

Jul 27, 2014

Article MarketingMost website owners understand that when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that “content is king.”  But not any content will do however, The quality of the content does matter and will determine your SEO success.  Before publishing an article, whether you are blogging yourself or having a professional to do this for you, a few simple rules should be followed:

  • Did you check to make sure you are not plagiarizing (copying) other articles?  This is easily detected by search engine spiders (software).
  • Is your blogger qualified to write original and valuable articles.  He or she should have some creative writing ability and blogging experience?
  • Are you paying your professional blogger/writer a good wage to develop content?  This will encourage them to give you their best effort.
  • Have you checked the facts of your article to make sure you are educating the viewer and not providing false information?
  • Does your article offer the reader a benefit by providing educational material they can use for their own success?
  • Does your title include business name and geography (business location)?  Recommended characters is 56.

Once the article is written, be sure to refine the content, taking out any unnecessary content.  Your research should begin by selecting a keyword phrase with two words.  A great tool you can use to determine the keywords and their effectiveness is the Google Keyword Planner that will tell you the number of exact matches on Google searches.  Using your selected keywords to build a theme around those words is referred to as Theme-Based SEO and it is becoming popular with SEO professionals.   This will stop Google from punishing you with over optimization, which is all too familiar with search engines.  Over optimization (using keywords too often will bring a lower rank for SEO).  Theme-based SEO will bring a higher ROI (Return On Investment) and also provide the reader with a  well thought out article worth reading.

News from Google as it relates to title building:

SEO News from GoogleGoogle is suggesting that you don’t waste space by adding empty characters to your title tags.  Google has changed the recommended character count in the title from 64 down to 56 (this includes spaces).  This is going to require you to be a bit more creative when coming up with original titles for your articles to be submitted.  Stay current with technology as it changes and conform to new requirements as they are provided online.
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