Website project planning session (part one)

Aug 28, 2014

Providing necessary details to the web designer will insure an accurate quote for your next web design project.  These details will enable us to develop the site competently and to include all pertinent elements for success. There are no two projects exactly alike.  Each business is unique and each one needs special attention before the project begins.
A design meeting is the best choice for those clients who live locally and are able to meet with the designer.  If the client is working virtually with the developer, special care is taken to glean important information for the best result by providing a Website Project Planning worksheet to complete.  In this blog we will be discussing a few questions that we ask our clients to gain insight to their special needs.

Question number one:

Briefly summarize your project in your own words:
The answer to this question may reveal what the client may be expecting and identifies the elements the site is intended to promote or to provide.  We are not perfect for all clients and if a client is to locate the perfect design partner this is a very necessary question.  We can now determine the scope of the project and if custom programming may be needed to accomplish the end result.

Question number two: New Design or Re-Design

Please discuss the primary purpose of the new website. If this is a re-design, please explain some of the fundamental issues you’re trying to improve upon.
This question will point out the reason the client is looking for a new site, identifying the purpose and end result the client is looking for.  If a re-design, the answer will clarify problems with the current site that is causing the client to search for something different.  It may be as simple as needing a fresh new look, or there may be deeper issues the client has been unhappy with. Many older sites are not responsive (mobile friendly) and this seems to be one of the top requests for new design.

Question number three:

What is your business goal with your new site and in your own words, who are your customers?
This question will reveal the target audience and what verbiage might be employed to raise the site to a new level of marketing excellence. The type of customer looking for the product or service determines the marketing method we choose to use. Marketing professionals are available to develop content to attract the customer demographic
To be continued:

Inside Design Orlando News:

Inside Design Orlando NewsCongratulations to Winn Partners Financial Group on their new CMS customized WordPress website.  The site was launched on 08/26/14 and is now available for their clients and visitors.  Their new site features a more updated concept and is mobile friendly for today’s smart devices.  Veronica Campbell Brown also received a new re-design for her foundation website which caters to students needing help with their educational expenses. Her new site is also mobile friendly and responsive for today’s visitors.
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Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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