Website Project Planning Session (part two)

Sep 6, 2014

As we continue with our website planning session, we turn to developing our visual identity. This includes your professional logo, and other elements which are part of your brand development.  This takes a firm commitment and takes time. It requires learning what customers are looking for, and staying current with new technology which may directly impact your brand effectiveness.

Connecting to other mediumsYour visual identity:

Have you established a logo representing your brand?  If you have not, we suggest hiring a graphic artist before considering a website.  Your identity is the most important part of your journey to success. Before hiring a web designer, consider developing your logo, business cards, etc.  If you have a website with only a text logo, it is time to bring your brand forward by having a proper logo created.  The graphic designer will provide you with several formats to be used on letterhead, business cards and of course for your new website. The website will also be developed to be responsive and mobile friendly and connect to all forms of advertising web mediums.

Research your domain name choice:

As you consider a domain name and if you intend to use your own logo as the name on the website, don’t forget to research to find out if someone else already is using your company name choice or your domain name choice. If the name is not being used, it is safe to consider this choice.  This step is extremely important especially if you are planning on starting a new bank account with the new name. The bank will be asking you if you own the fictitious name for your state. If you live in the state of Florida, you can purchase your fictitious name and learn more from

Understanding brand attributes:

Develop a few brand attributes (terms which explain your product or service).  These terms should be displayed clearly on your website, either as an advertising slogan, taglines or a headline to offer strong information as it relates to your brand.  Bullets are also great tools to attract end users. Terms such as honesty, professionalism, reliability and the like will bring warm feelings to those that visit the site and used cleverly can serve you well.  Choosing crisp and modern language is always a great choice.

Do your due diligence:

Research other sites similar to yours and see how terms are used.  Caution: never copy and use the same as another competitor.  Build your own terms unique to your brand. Inside Design Orlando has a list of reliable and cost-effective content professionals who will bring your brand to a new level.  If you are not a creative writer and are struggling with coming up with the perfect language, always reach out to those best suited for the task. The money you spend with a professional will be returned to you many times over by producing new traffic and new customers in the future.  Contact us for a list of professionals in your area. Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more from the Design Wizards. Jean HollandRose Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional Inside Design Orlando


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